TokenPesa Growdrop (Mainnet) has Arrived!

Muthee Vincent
Feb 8 · 4 min read

Upon the release of the Open Beta Growdrop Testnet last month, we launched the TokenPesa Growdrop on Kovan Testnet (12th Jan to 4th Feb) just to make sure everything works as expected. Thanks to all our supporters who joined us in trying out this new, exciting DeFi crowdfunding model.

TokenPesa Network is a hybrid DeFi platform that aims to bootstrap cryptocurrency mass adoption in the Sub-Saharan Africa region by implementing:

  1. Wrapped KSH (WKSH) — a federated Kenya Shilling stablecoin.; with a single network custodian + a consortium of network agents

2 TokenPesa DAO — a resilient decentralized autonomous organization that comprises of WKSH agents. DAO members will also play other roles including:

(i) block validators for the TokenPesa Substrate custom chain

(ii) asset managers for crowdfunded projects

3 PesaDEX — a community driven (DAO) decentralized exchange that swaps WKSH to multiple ERC20 tokens

The TokenPesa DAO Token (TDAT) is the native blockchain currency for the DAO & Substrate chain hybrid.

Enter the Growdrop

In a bid to minimize risks for our early supporters and foster community development going forward, we’ll be launching the TokenPesa Growdrop on Ethereum Mainnet.


1. Guaranteed Investor Principal Amount

2. Community Building

3. Project Seed Funding (On-Chain)

Growdrop Start: Feb 14th 2020

Growdrop End: Dec 14th 2020

Growdrop Period = 10 Months

The TokenPesa Growdrop will be split into 10 monthly phases whereby our supporters will receive their tokens at the end of each Growdrop stage.

Monthly Growdrop Tokens = 1,400,000 TDAT

Growdrop Total Tokens = 14,000,000 TDAT

Supported Currencies: DAI

Growdrop (Monthly) Supporters Reward = 1,200,000 TDAT

Uniswap (Monthly) Exchange Tokens = 200,000 TDAT

Uniswap Interest = 10%

Growdrop Supporters Guide

The TokenPesa Growdrop accepts DAI for interest.

Procedure 1

(i) ETH to DAI

Deposit Ether (ETH) to acquire DAI by opening a Collateral Debt Position (CDP) at the MakerDAO portal:

(ii) DAI to Growdrop (TDAT)

Install MetaMask to access the TokenPesa Growdrop.

TokenPesa Growdrop Event <- Click Here

Deposit your DAI to Growdrop!

Procedure 2

(i) Mpesa/Fiat to ETH

1. Create a LocalCryptos account.

Making an account is super-simple. You won’t need your ID — just a username, e-mail address and password.

Your password is essentially your private key, so treat it like one.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Your password is the encryption key to your wallet and messages — if you lose it, we can’t recover it.
  • Don’t lose your password.
  • If you forget your password, there’s no way to recover it.

2. Find an “offer” that you like.

Head back the homepage and browse to see a list of offers. Offers are posted by traders from all over the world. You can use the filters to narrow down the list to only show offers that match your preferences.

You can search offers by:

  • Payment method — There’s a variety of options here: Mpesa, Bank transfer, PayPal, Cash (face-to-face), International wire transfer, a miscellaneous Other category and some others. Choose the Mpesa option
  • Location — search for offers in Kenya or specific city.

You can sort the offers by:

  • Popularity — We’ll show you the most popular traders first. These people are generally quick, efficient and have a longer-standing reputation.
  • Price — The most affordable offers will be at the top. However, these traders might not have the same speed, reputation or familiarity with the platform.

Congratulations! You have now bought your Ether. Transfer your ETH to MetaMask wallet

(ii) Repeat Procedure 1

Please join our Growdrop event and thereby be part in actualizing the most anticipated zero loss crowdfunding model for open-source blockchain projects.

For more information about the TokenPesa Network see the links below:



Muthee Vincent

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Ethereum developer | Blockchain entreprenuer

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