TokenPesa on the Gropdrop Testnet (Kovan) is Live!

Muthee Vincent
Jan 12 · 1 min read

TokenPesa is a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform build on Ethereum and the Polkadot network such that to facilitate cryptocurrency mass adoption for sub-Sahara Africa region.

Growdrop is a crowdfunding solution that minimizes the trust costs of existing third parties, deposits investment funds into DeFi Lending Protocol’s liquidity pool, contributing interest to open source projects and ensuring investor principal.

We will be distributing TokenPesa DAO Token (TDAT), the native blockchain ecosystem currency, to our early supporters through Growdrop. You can access the TokenPesa Growdrop event through the link below:

TokenPesa Growdrop Event <- Click Here

A total of 2,000,000 TDAT will be distributed on Kovan Testnet in readiness for the TokenPesa Growdrop on Mainnet launch.

The TokenPesa Growdrop Testnet accepts DAI for interest. You can acquire Kovan Testnet DAI by opening Collateral Debt Position (CDP) at the MakerDAO portal:

The Growdrop model also enable projects to slowly build communities to help promote public relations and technology development. Here, in the early Ethereum community, it was very similar in nature to DAICO.

To learn more about Growdrop model, see link below:

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