Traditional blockchains usually face a major challenge when it comes to upgrading the underlying chain technology, often referred to as blockchain hard forking. This is mainly because altering the core protocol code-base usually require a lot of consensus coordination between network nodes for the improvement proposal to take effect. Case in point, the infamous Ethereum DAO hack that led to a hardfork split the Ethereum community into Ethereum (ETH) and Ethereum Classic (ETC). By splitting the network, the fork severely weakened the corresponding Ethereum network security.

There are however numerous reasons we may need to upgrade blockchains:

1. Fix critical…

Public blockchains, such as Ethereum, need to be able to scale in order to reach their ambitions of being recognized as viable alternatives to traditional systems, which, in turn, will allow them to gain widespread adoption and application.

These scaling solutions can be ‘built into’ the blockchain itself (layer 1 solutions) or ‘built on top of it’ to take some strain off the base chain (layer 2 solutions). These two solution categories will likely be complementary to each other.

A brief introduction to blockchain scalability

Although people are becoming aware of the vast potential and many applications of blockchain technology, there are numerous hurdles in the…

The TokenPesa Alliance DAO is a collaborative initiative towards delivering a truly mass adoption ready stablecoin: the Wrapped KSH (WKSH)

WKSH is an ERC20 token on Ethereum backed 1:1 by Kenya Shilling. Wrapped KSH follows the wrapped tokens framework, but instead of relying on multiple custodians, it relies on a single network custodian and a consortium of agents. WKSH uses a simple federated governance model and strives to promote usability.

Network Roles

● Custodian — the institution who holds the asset (KSH). This role will be played by TokenPesa Blockchain LLC as the sole network custodian. …

We are very excited to announce the first early release of the TokenPesa Network — code named the ‘Swahili’ Testnet. The testnet roll-out will entail a gradual release of various components including:

  1. TokenPesa DAO
  2. Wrapped KSH
  3. TokenPesa Substrate

Swahili Testnet Release

On 2nd April 2020 the TokenPesa DAO will launch on the Kovan Testnet — allowing reputation holders to try out distribution of the Wrapped KSH stablecoin.

However, to increase the transaction throughput of the WKSH stablecoin, the TokenPesa Substrate custom chain will quickly follow through implementing the novel Reputable Proof of Stake (RPoS) consensus algorithm upon completion of our…

When Satoshi Nakamoto announced Bitcoin to the world, he was fielding 2 radical concepts: the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) and a self-sovereign digital currency.

The ultimate release of Bitcoin Client ushered in the birth of the first successful DAO; comprising early supporters who dedicated their computing power to secure the blockchain network and process Bitcoin transactions in exchange for Bitcoin block rewards.

Today’s blockchain financing landscape, majorly dominated by the ICO and IEO, is not ideal for truly decentralized autonomous organizations. Unlike with Bitcoin inception whereby price growth was dictated by real market demand, for most projects today, early token…

Upon the release of the Open Beta Growdrop Testnet last month, we launched the TokenPesa Growdrop on Kovan Testnet (12th Jan to 4th Feb) just to make sure everything works as expected. Thanks to all our supporters who joined us in trying out this new, exciting DeFi crowdfunding model.

TokenPesa Network is a hybrid DeFi platform that aims to bootstrap cryptocurrency mass adoption in the Sub-Saharan Africa region by implementing:

  1. Wrapped KSH (WKSH) — a federated Kenya Shilling stablecoin.; with a single network custodian + a consortium of network agents

2 TokenPesa DAO — a resilient decentralized autonomous organization that…

TokenPesa is a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform build on Ethereum and the Polkadot network such that to facilitate cryptocurrency mass adoption for sub-Sahara Africa region.

Growdrop is a crowdfunding solution that minimizes the trust costs of existing third parties, deposits investment funds into DeFi Lending Protocol’s liquidity pool, contributing interest to open source projects and ensuring investor principal.

We will be distributing TokenPesa DAO Token (TDAT), the native blockchain ecosystem currency, to our early supporters through Growdrop. You can access the TokenPesa Growdrop event through the link below:

TokenPesa Growdrop Event <- Click Here

A total of 2,000,000 TDAT will…

Ethereum based tokens have emerged as an important asset class, thanks to the massive adoption of the ERC20 standard and the preference of Ethereum as the go-to blockchain technology for Defi (decentralized finance) projects. Lately, the asset-backed token's market has also experienced exponential growth and hype as enthusiasts endorse them to be the “holy grail” of cryptocurrency.

Asset-backed tokens (stablecoins) are digital tokens that are usually backed by traditional assets (such as gold, fiat) — hence reflect the price of the underlying asset backing them. These tokens can be broadly classified into 2 design models:

1. Algorithmic — demand and…

Muthee Vincent

I’m a passionate blockchain/cryptocurrency researcher and developer. Have an in-depth technical understanding of the underlying blockchain technology stack.

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