Day 6 : From Being More Independent in Lab to Exploring Gellert Hill

Yesterday, it went well in the lab. I was practicing more with the micropipetting & helped my tutor more. Even though I only needed to do minor tasks such as taking the ice from the ice room or preparing for a gel container, or just opening the vacuum. It was amazing. I also tried doing cell culture. It was fun! Even though many times my tutor said “Muthia, don’t do this.” because I still often forget the sterility rules. Well, it was just a practice. And Andrea (my tutor) seems to appreciate the process of learning & making mistakes. My other tutor, Dora, has also sent me so many files regarding nonlinear microscope. But unfortunately, because I have asked for a permission about my inability to come tomorrow (Because I thought the trip to Vienna will start in the morning), so I couldn’t join her in AFM lab tomorrow as she said in the email. (Perhaps, I’ll just make an appointment with her via email).

Then, I was really homefoodsick. My free lunch menu is sooo weird. I wasn’t in the mood of eating something new. So in only 15 minutes I went fast from Klinikak (the region where my department is) to Corvin (the region where a city center region begins). I went only to eat KFC. And it was so delicious, at least I finally ate something that kinda looks similar with the food I eat at home. Then, I went back soon to my department to calculate my protein measurement graphic. Finally, I’ve done better at micropipetting :’)

After that, I went back to the dorm to get my camera then off to Gellert Hill with some people I’ve just known. The french one, the russian one, etc.

But first we went to a market to do some survey of the souvenirs that we’ll buy :

Langos (Hungarian traditional food that I ate) The flavour is Nutella banana yumm
How they sell it
Buyers and the sellers

Well, because most people bought some drinks first before we went up, and Alex (my Polish friend) didn’t like waiting so long, and so do I, so we asked the Hungarian person to go earlier.

I went up with my Indonesian friends (Ayu and Bagus), and my Taiwanese friend (Timmy) and my russian friends. It was fun though. We took some pictures along the way.

I could see Budapest city. Buda and Pest. From this hill. It was a good view.

We passed the Liberty Bridge before we arrived in the Gellert Hill
Budapest from the Hill
Budapest from the Hill

After that, I went to Corvin to buy some dinner and ate dinner with ka Ayu in my room. We talked about many things and other people. As time passes by, I started to think that in here I can learn much from people. I can learn from their just being silent and stuff. I see wider that not everyone is nice even abroad, and even medical students who are supposed to have a very good manner. I feel like I’m jumping to a more real world.

Well, today, I’m going to Vienna. And I hope it’s going to be a good weekend!! Bismillah.

14th of July 2017

Muthia Huda


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