Everything’s Starting to be Fun! — Day 4

So, yesterday I was supposed to meet my lab partnet, Peter. But because at the time promised which is 10.30 he didn’t show up at the dorm’s entrance, I acted like a true european person. I left him. I didn’t care about the passcard but promise was a promise. Time was passed? Leeave it (LOL).

Well, I didn’t mean to be mean. But actually because at the spot I was waiting, there were people smoking around me. I didn’t like it very much. And I wanted to go to the toilet but apparently the toilet in the dorm is sooo disgusting.

Then, I arrived at the lab without passcard. I just stood there in front of the door, below the camera. Making sure that the security saw me and opened me a door. And voila! A few minutes later, Dora, which is my other tutor opened me a door. She told me about Andrea’s arrival after 12 PM which was already the thing that I’ve known. So she asked me to wait in a room full of computers like it’s a workplace.

While waiting, I made a calculation graphic that I was supposed to make. The calculation graphic was made out of concentration of BSA solution to the absorbance calculated by plate reader. The graphic was sooo imperfect. But later when I showed this to her, she said it was okay. She said let’s just practice more and more.

Then Peter came. He apologized to me because there was something happening with his alarm and stuff. He then told me his room number if I just wanted to go with him. Well, I said okay.

— warning : this may be confusing later when I tell you about what I do in my research

A few minutes later, Andrea came. Checking our calculation graphic. Turns out both of us HAVE to practice more. We then checked the gels going through electrophoresis for a 16 hours. By the time we checked it, it was off already. Then we opened the ‘sandwich’ and checked if the gels colors have been transfered into membrane or not. But we made it! So we continued the Western Blot protocol and stopped after doing the electrophoresis again with primary antibody. We have to wait for another 16 hours again!

It was a very short day because Peter and I wanted to join yesterday’s social program, going to Basilica. It’s one of the biggest church and one of the oldest. It’s beautiful, though.

On our way there, we talked about Hungary and Russia. Since Peter’s Russian, he was soo exciting to tell me more about Moscow. He explicitly told me how he didn’t like Budapest, frankly. Because the people are so slow compared to in Moscow, the metro is also in a bad condition. Well, to be honest with the Metro part, I agreed. Even compared to the French one, French one’s still better. Also he talked about the dorm, how dirty is our dorm. That one again, I agreed. Well, I guess we both have kind of the same threshold opinion about ‘disgusting’ and ‘bad’. He talked more than he did when it comes to politics though.

We then met with the others. When we were going to Basilica, some people didn’t recognize me so they came to me and said “I think I’ve just seen you now.” and it started with the introduction and small things talk. It was nice. I met some people from Canada, from Spain, and from Russia. Some just don’t give a thing about me. I don’t care about it though haha. I’ve realized that in here, I won’t be meeting and getting as many as good friends as I did when I was a contact person due to the numbers of incomings in here. 50 People. It’s so hard to be a family with 50 people from different backgrounds and personalities.

But at least, I still have a few numbers of good friends here. Some are still really nice though. Like my roommates (So grateful I have them as my roommates!!). Teresa from Spain, and another one from Malta. We share many things. We always even talk about how our day was, how our department was, how was the doctor, how was everything. It was soo nice to have such sweet roommates. Also, they always shared much food or things like “Muthia, do you already have the detergents for washing the clothes?” or “Muthia, do you want some coffee?” and any other. They also often ask me to join with them to go shopping for groceries or dinner. It feels like it’s getting more like my second home here despite the dirtiness of the bathroom and the old bedroom haha, I thank God very much about it.

Back to Basilica part,

Here are the pictures I took.

The ticket to go up ^

From the up side of Basilica. You can see the city of Budapest from here. It’s so beautiful!!
My failed stairs capture of Basilica (I was too lazy to set the apperture and Iso of my camera for this)

After going to Basilica, others decide to go to Scape Room. Others go to buy chimpney cake. Others like me and my Indonesian friend and also Timmy from Taiwan, we decided to have our own me-time. My Indonesian friends and I decided to have dinner at the Corvin Plaza’s food court. The food court is really cheap!! I can buy 2 or 3 Euro only for lunch. Yazz. Timmy decided to have his own he-time near the pool in the city center.

When i and my Indonesian friends were having dinner, because one of them is already a doctor, so I asked him about UKMPPD. They also asked me about SOOCA. Well, they were really grateful afterwards to have no SOOCA in their university after I told them. There were many other things that we talked about though.

After dinner, Ka Bagus (which is my Indonesian friend) went to Parliament as I and Ka Ayu went back to dorm. Funny thing is, ka Bagus went to Parliament only to avoid Judit (the LEO) to ask him about his signing up for the Scape room in the dorm (LOL). So.. yeah #RANDOM

After a few days, so far, it’s getting better. I start to get to know more people. I start to expect less from having many good friends here. I expect to learn more in here. Learn in my department, learn from people. After all, I will have some good friends that I will stay in touch with when I go home later. I start to like my research as welll as it gets more interesting and fun. Even though turns out it’s all about biochemistry and oncology (actually, different from the project’s description).

I hope it’s going to be another better day!!

12th of July 2017

Muthia Huda


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