A buggy Day

‘A bug a day keeps the programmer awake’ this might have been true for me on my second day in the Andela remote boot camp. Today I woke up feeling energetic and ready to start the second challenge of the boot camp having already finished working on the first one yesterday. I looked forward to having a good day and I can say it has been nothing close to what I expected. My peers and my facilitator, however, came through to see this day a success.
Today’s task was about setting up python, flask, print, virtual environment and learning test driven development and object oriented programming (OOP). The tasks haven’t been that simple as they sound. Though I have had an experience working with other programming languages python has not been one of them. Setting up Python wasn’t that hard as it just involved writing a few commands on the terminal and everything is downloaded into the computer. Flask, as I have learned, is a Python framework that I am supposed to work with in my project. I haven’t used it much but I look forward to learning more about it and I hope to write about what I will have learned soon.
My biggest challenge for today has been to learn how to use Test Driven Development and start writing my python test with them. Writing test during development is the best way to ensure that the expected application rarely runs into unexpected errors when in use or as programmers put it “catching exceptions”. Personally, the languages that I have programmed with like PHP haven’t had this writing test thing but it is an important tool which I think should be in all programming languages.
My biggestchallenge for today was making tests for the shopping list. This was the toughest part of my day and it took me hours to even understand how to write a simple email test that checks if the program is supplied with the correct email address. It was however fun getting to understand the essentials and the need for doing so.I have learned a lot of new stuff today and I look forward to learning a lot tomorrow and the remaining days of the boot camp.

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