And now into day three of the boot camp. The journey has not been as easy as small as it may look. Every day has been coupled with its pieces of challenges. It is now has been a norm for me to sleep at the wee hours of the night and wake up very early in the morning to ensure that I have done what is required for that day and be on track with others.

Having written about yesterday’s task of Test Driven Development (TDD) using Python on my blog I would wish to shed light to a few of the highlights that I have learnt within the two days. Writing tests using Python was something so new to me as of yesterday but I can gladly say that by today I have been able to write all the test for user login and registration. It may not seem as much of a progress but it has really taken me some time to grasp a few of these concepts. Test Driven Development involves writing the test before starting the actual codes and then trying to code in such a way all the test you created have passed. 
Today my tasks involved creating python codes to ensure that users can be able to register and login into my application. Python is an Object Oriented Language (OOP) which means that the execution is sequential and the code is divided into blocks called classes and functions. This may seem as ‘greek’ to you if you haven’t had any experience with any of the object oriented programming languages. The main challenge for me though has been learning the python syntax and implementing the simple logic of logging in and registering a user into the application. 
The learning of Python syntax has been the most difficult in my Andela Boot camp journey, being used to languages such as PHP and Java, I was well acquainted with strict programming rules such as semicolons and pre-definition of variables before their actual uses. Through continuous strive and desire to learn I have however managed to step by step overcome the challenges and become better in dealing with Python as a programming language. 
While there is still a lot to be done, as I finish my day I feel proud of the tasks that I have been able to achieve so far and I look forward to learning more tomorrow and the days to come.

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