Before you Choose to Act, Make This Choice First

First choose who you want to be

The ultra-successful among us, achieve and consistently replicate success because they don’t live by chance and rarely act on impluse. Every moment of every day is dictated by carefully curated choices. Choices that are formulated into highly personalized game plans. Such game plans create discipline.

Discipline to the average individual is viewed as a form of imprisonment. To the ultra-successful, discipline equals freedom. Freedom to progress faster and act more efficiently and effectively with enviable self-confidence.

“In reading the lives of great men, I found that the first victory they won was over themselves… self-discipline with all of them came first.” ~ Harry S Truman

Choices enable movement. Movement creates opportunity. Fear of choice is fear of opportunity. Opportunity feared is opportunity lost. Opportunity lost is success delayed. Success delayed will eventually run into a clock that has run out of time.

Not all choices are created equal. There is one choice that must precede all others. First choose who you want to be.

Who you choose to be will decide your life far more than any action you will ever take. For who you choose to be ultimately reflects your attitudes and beliefs about life itself.

Choosing what do before deciding who to be, means you’ve caved to external pressure says Dan Rockwell (leadership coach, speaker and author of the popular daily leadership blog The Leadership Freak). Such choices will forever lack staying power and will always crumble in the face of ever-present challenges. Choices driven by action are living on borrowed time and imitated dreams. When the original dreamer dies, the dream dies for you too.

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