Dear Boss, You’re Killing My Mojo

I sense good. No scratch that. I sense great. You want to be a great boss. Inspiring. Supportive. Encouraging. I am excited and thrilled to be here. We make a great team albeit for this slight challenge. You’re killing my mojo.

Here’s how we can turn it around.

All great relationships are based on trust. Remember my interview. I sure do. You put me through the ringer but more importantly you recognized what I brought to the table. So how about you trust me to do the job you hired me to do. You know and I know I can do this. I am here to make you look good. Why don’t you give me some room to do that.

Next, we need a plan. We seem to be running around the office like headless chickens. That just won’t do. Legacies are not stumbled upon or bumped into by headless chicken. They are meticulously crafted.

With the plan in hand, you will need to clearly identify who is responsible for what. No more vague job descriptions. No more overlapping roles. Make the expectations as clear as day. How else will you enforce accountability.

Once we get the ball rolling, no more mixed messages. Remember when you said that our focus was to increase our market share by 10% and then proceeded to slash the sales force in half. Yup. That just won’t do. We need to keep believing in you and your vision so make sure the message and the actions are harmoniously reflective of each other.

When things go wrong as they sometimes will, make sure to address all conflicts that arise. Develop a severe allergy for sweeping things under the rug. Unaddressed conflicts will fester until they are untreatable without major hacking. This goes for the elephant in the room as well.

As we build this legacy, course correction may be required. Treat us like true partners and support an open dialogue. Talk with us. We may not all like what you have to say but we will respect that you’re keeping us in the loop. And you never know, we just may surprise you by coming up with even better ideas that you may not have considered. As partners, we are amazing that way.

Simplicity is key. Simplicity keeps chaos at bay. Let’s be about real action and not the shadowy appearance of it. No jumping through hoops and making blood donations to get authorizations or approvals. We also don’t need a 500 page policy manifesto. It will only serve to hamper forward progress. Remember as we are reading through that 500 page policy manifesto, the competition is innovating and preparing to nullify our existence. Lets not give them that opportunity. Let us be efficient and equally effective.

Finally with regards to burnout. Excellence and burnout cannot coexist. If I’m running on empty my contributions to the overall vision will be lack luster at best. Finding talent is tough and expensive. You have great seeds here. Let’s nurture them. Challenge me not only to do my best but to be at my best. Physically, mentally, and emotionally.


Your partner in legacy building

Originally published at on May 19, 2016.

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