Hike App: The best Whatsapp Alternative messenger app.

Today, all we know that everyone using WhatsApp messenger, Hike, Facebook, Twitter to connect with the people all over the world.Among them, WhatsApp messenger is more popular as it has billions of active users per month.

Whatsapp has become a brand in the global instant messenger market. Many people know about WhatsApp but they don’t know about hike messenger. The reason is WhatsApp has got a good promotion from the mouth of people. But Hike is still behind in this field. Especially it slow operating speed than WhatsApp.

The message sending speed of WhatsApp is very fast. It enables Voice calling, chat archive, starred a message, a broadcast message is the best Whatsapp features. Right now WhatsApp messenger doesn’t allow stickers, but it has more smiley available which makes our chat beautiful and funny.

Some messengers like We chat, Line contains others feature like audio, video calls, supports stickers, games, etc. because of it the speed of such application is slow which irritates the users. The newly emerging application hike messenger which is made for love in India is the another option for you and best competitor for WhatsApp and you can say its best WhatsApp alternatives.

You will see almost same features in Hike which you have used in WhatsApp. Whatsapp is testing many new features but in the hike, they have the lot of features which WhatsApp still don’t provide to the users. Hike provides some new features like the offline message which make it different from other application.

In this article, I am trying to compare the best features of WhatsApp and Hike app. so you will come to know which is the best messenger application. So let’s start.

Whatsapp motto is Simple, Personal and Real Time. It is very simple, personal and the effective real-time application. It allows you to send and receive messages, calls, photos, videos, documents and voice messages.

WhatsApp Messenger features

  • Everyone having Smartphone uses WhatsApp so you will see every friend of you active on WhatsApp.
  • No advertisements in WhatsApp.
  • Very fast for sending messages.
  • WhatsApp is entirely free of cost. There are no subscription fees.
  • You can create multiple admins for a single group and add up to 256 friends in a single group.
  • As Facebook owns WhatsApp we are waiting for new updates. They are testing many features.
  • You can use WhatsApp on your PC connecting through WhatsApp web(by scanning QR code).
  • Newly added features WhatsApp calling is best at no cost. Voice clarity is pure.
  • You can archive your chat for future use.
  • You can be starred your messages for future reading.
  • By using WhatsApp broadcast message feature, you can send a message to multiple friends by using single click, which will save your time.
  • You can send any type of document over the chat.
  • There are no international charges for sending messages to the foreign countries.

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