Buy Experience not things

You must have heard this many times — “Money can’t buy you happiness” but are you sure about it? There will always be a little you inside your head saying that money does buy you happiness. How does it feel on the day you get your salary? How does it feel to get more than expected tip for your service? There probably is no word for that rush inside your head when you see an increase in your net worth but do you really spend money the way it is to be spent?

Imagine a starved person who just got food. Imagine a disaster victim who just got aid. Imagine a blind seeing a ray of light. Imagine an old person getting support. Imagine your parents getting a surprise. Experiencing happiness already?? What if I tell you that you were THE person who made this happen? Isn’t that eternal happiness?

Most people don’t know the basic scientific facts about happiness — about what brings it and what sustains it — and so they don’t know how to use their money to acquire it. It is not surprising when wealthy people who know nothing about wine end up with cellars that aren’t that much better stocked than their neighbors’, and it should not be surprising when wealthy people who know nothing about happiness end up with lives that aren’t that much happier than anyone else’s — If Money Doesn’t Make You Happy You Aren’t Spending It Right

If you have some money then go buy yourself the costliest Fossil watch you can afford and see how you feel. The feeling of walking like a millionaire is totally worth it! If you walk by a homeless person then give him an amount of money you think no one would have ever given him and see how you feel. Forget about that homeless person, focus on what you feel on that act of charity. You just gave away money and actually bought happiness. You want to give your mom and dad an anniversary gift then buy them a holiday package to a place they have never been. See how they feel, the pictures they would take, the places they could see and why not join them on that journey. You just bought them an experience to remember for their entire life.

The money spent on others vs your own happiness

There is also a scientific theory that suggests that the more you give away the happier you would be. When you give away you are probably not buying anything material but there is a feeling of happiness you are getting in that exchange that doesn’t have a price tag. Most rich people are happy because they have all they need and don’t have to worry about their basic survival. The poor have more problems than we can think of, and ask them what they need really bad and their answer would be money.

If you have problems in life that are bringing you down or keeping you unhappy then try to think with a different perspective. Ask yourself if you can throw money on it and solve that problem. Truth is, more than 80% of all problems can be solved by throwing money on it. Congratulations! You just bought yourself peace of mind.

Buy experiences not things. Have you ever wondered why apple products are so amazing! because their focus is never on the features like processor speed or RAM. Their focus is on giving an experience a user can never forget. Ask a MAC Book owner if he would like to switch to a much much faster and higher configuration Windows PC. I bet he would say get lost! If you can travel by train often then spend a little extra one day to buy yourself an air ticket to wherever you are going. That’s an experience you would never forget. There is so much that rich can do, poor can only dream of. Buy yourself experience not things.

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