This world is a mirror

We as humans were made to believe that this world is a dangerous place to live in, that we should never trust strangers, we should be critical about everyone we meet because we can never see what’s inside their head and what their true intentions are. A lot of this advice still holds true but believe me, the world is not as miserable as it looks like.

This world is a mirror, you meet people who are like you, you fall in love with people who are like you, your friends no matter how different they may be or what different language they speak, they will have something in common with you. Who you meet is really a bit of you. There are no exceptions to this theory, this world is a mirror that reflects a part of your own personality in everyone around you.
Look around and see the other groups of friends. Do you see a pattern? Each and every individual in that group has a similar outlook towards life, they will do similar things and will hold the same values. Their idea of fun may be completely different from what you believe is fun. They never chose each other, they just found them. This is how the world works.

If you don’t trust some one close to you then take a look inside yourself, are you trustworthy, if you are then you need not worry. If you fall in love with someone, think what is it that the other person has in them that reminds you of you. I am not talking about an instant attraction but a deep desire to be a part of that persons life. You can never like someone who is not like you, if you like someone then you are actually liking a part of you inside the other person.

So where am I going with all this philosophy?

You will attract people who are like you so try to become the person you want to have in your life. If you want to be with great people, be great yourself. If you want to be loved then be loving. You don’t have to trust everyone and go against the rules set by your elders but do trust yourself that the ones who are in your life will be who you are.

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