Me in daily basis

I enjoy cooking

Wake up at 3.30 to pray tahajud or if I skipped isya prayer,

Scrolling my phone

Watching bizzare cartoon at 4.00 am

Sleep again for a while (sorry) and clicked render first before close my eyes at 4.30 am

Wake up at 6.00 am, drink water and get ready to the market by foot

After quick scanning read my cookpad, I buy food and vegetables,

Come home after only 15 mins, I love quick browsing in the market and the distance of the market just 3 mins walk from home

Start to cook, in more faster and efficient than ever

Everything is finished before 8.00 am and,

Take a quick bath

Take a fair amount of time in doing make up

Changing clothes several time

Check my phone, reply emails later

My husband time for long bath

Say hi to the workers

Have breakfast or more on brunch

Briefing the team before leaving the house

Doing concept design while in the car

Listening people/customer talks

Smiling in understandable expression

Get in the car

Running errands

Visiting my parents

Checking sites

Checking productions

My time for short distance driving

Whoops, now his turn again in driving

Meeting people

Chasing opportunities

Really involved in beareauchracy

Waiting in line

Occasionally bite my husband’s arm without any reason

Recipes browsing in google chrome, because I’m not a premium member in cookpad

Wondering why I didn’t draw more with my galaxy tab

Checking my friend’s instastory, instead

Get lost in pinterest

Having many time checking my things, I often left them anywhere

Printing this and that

Sending this and that


Get home

Having late lunch or early dinner

Ok jek is on

Occasionally tidy up the house

Movie time or private youtube time for me, and playing game for him

Doing the actual my part of designing

Late late dinner, ah! Tukang nasi goreng is coming

Make hot milo

Sleep before 11 pm

Bizzare dream that feel like weeks long (seriously, lately I had very long dream that sometimes make me disoriented for a 30 seconds after wake up, I feel old, exhausted and strange)

I try to live as hardworking designer, but really want to have a healthy life. Because I am a women, a wife and I want to be a mom, a healthy and fit one. I cannot have skip a couple of days because of sick now, or in the future.

I like cooking more now, I choose the menu, how to manage them, make sure all clean, bring bottles, eat banana, I learn a lot, I enjoying cooking ☺ finally

( and I need to not sleep again after subuh, but I’m trying tho)

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