People forget how it feels like when you are 9 years old

It was his birthday, and as usual he wakes early, earlier than his mom eventually. After he woke his mom up, he sat down in front of TV in a lazy style on the couch. While her mom busy doing the early morning routine and his brothers were still sleeping, many thoughts came through his head, and when her mom passed him, he whispered to her,

“Today is my birthday. And no one remembered it”

In a surprise that she tried to hide when she realized she forgot about her son’s birthday, she nodded and kissed him in forehead and whispered,

“Happy birthday, my boy. We remember it, honey; we just woke up and haven’t said it to you. Be cheerful on your happy day, will you?”

zaki (his younger brother), Ilham (his elder brother), him at 9 years old

It was his 9th birthday, the age when the number is still one digit but you are not that little anymore. A 9 years old can understand what their parents argue about and already able to walk home alone after school. A 9 years old is old enough to shy about their body being exposed and old enough to had a crush on his girl friends, yet most people kind of neglect those facts.

a smart diligent boy he is

It was quite lonely being a 9 years old, his body already a bit tall and his voice was a little bit change. Sometimes he rode his bicycle by himself alone in some afternoon, and got home and took shower without anyone tells him to. He was the second son, his younger brother only one and half year apart from him. He wasn’t the most independent kid, he just be independent when he needed to.

He was in 4th grade, where the curriculum gets harder and there were a big leap gap from third grade and serious problems start become his homework. His school bag was getting heavier.

Hoped people notice those things, instead people are forgot about his birthday. His mom and dad were 34, his eldest brother was 14, his aunt was 22, his teachers mostly at their 30s, yet most of his classmates were 9 and 10, he still felt different that day.

when he was… four?

From what I can tried to remember, when you are 9 years old, it must be uncomfortable, solitary things might come in some quiet afternoon when none of your friends shows up, especially when you were an introvert kid, and a little bit strange for a little human being to felt those kind of things.

But soon, honey, within a year you will become a 10. You will grow older and start to forget how you felt for being a 9 years old, the awkward age when barely people talk about it.

But promise yourself, when your younger brother turns 9 years old, or your future kids someday turn 9, you will celebrate it and be there for them, hug them closely and congratulate them. Because you know exactly how it felt, you got to be there for others when they are turning 9. For whatever age, they are matter. Being neglected was the worst thing could happen to a child.

And there is a secret, there is always a child inside everybody, no matter what is their current age. So, do not neglect people you love.

Happy 10th birthday, Rizqy!

From your 23 years old aunt.