Why Talented Creatives Are Leaving Your Shitty Agency

I wrote this post last year on my blog, just before I decided to leave the industry and set-up my own startup called Marvel. I thought it would be interesting to repost to Medium and see if anything has changed. It has been kindly been translated to Spanish here.

Murat Mutlu
Nov 3, 2014 · 13 min read

1) You won’t stop taking on shit work

We understand, you’re an agency, you need to keep the lights on and pay people. We get that. Everyone gets that.

2) You don’t innovate

3) You keep hiring shit (and not doing anything about it)

Passion and engagement are contagious. But so is negativity and mediocrity.

4) You don’t stop taking on projects that can’t be delivered unless we work 12 hour days

5) You don’t give staff any credit

6) You don’t buy us decent equipment

This is a no brainer. Get your designers some big fucking screens.

The end

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