You can now embed interactive Marvel prototypes on Medium!

Turn your mockups into beautiful, interactive prototypes that can be embedded into any Medium story.

Murat Mutlu
May 21, 2015 · 2 min read

Over the last year Medium has become an incredibly popular platform for design writing. Whether that’s case studies, experiments or brain dumps, it’s a great place to tell a story about design and showcase ideas.

We’ve seen some amazing and inspiring Medium write-ups from our users who have started with a Marvel prototype and gone on to launch their own apps. Two great examples are Short by Alex Muench and Design Hunt by Maksim Petriv. Both apps made 1st position on Product Hunt when they launched!

Now that over 1 million designs are being uploaded to Marvel each month, these great stories are happening every day and we want to help users share more of them.

That’s why today we’re launching support for Medium at Marvel to help bring your design writing to life.

We’ve rebuilt our prototypes to allow them to be embedded directly onto your Medium stories.

Below is an example of a Android prototype embedded into Medium. All the functionality is intact, including transitions, fixed headers and footers and more.

Play around with the prototype on the right!

GIF Power!

Need to show off some interactions? Embeds support animated GIF too! Check out the example below:

This is a prototype that uses animated GIFs to demonstrate a nav bar interaction.

Embed once, update many.

All you need to do is grab the URL for your prototype and paste it anywhere on the page. That’s it! If you need to change the design don’t worry, the embeds update in real-time when changes are made in Marvel.

You can embed prototypes made for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Android and Lumia devices.

Showcase low-fidelity concepts right the way through to the final design

Marvel embeds are a great way to show how ideas went from low fidelity sketches right the way to the finished design. Our iOS and Android apps allow you to upload sketches directly from your device.

Embeds allow you to take the reader on a journey through your design thinking, whether it’s still a concept or the shipped product.

An interactive prototype for Snapcat, the next big thing

We’re really excited about this feature and can’t wait to see how it’s used. Once you publish your story, let us know at @marvelapp!

If you’re not already using Marvel, join over 120,000 users and sign-up here to get unlimited projects for free.

Murat Mutlu

Written by

Designer, Co-founder and Head Of Social Media (tweeting) at @marvelapp

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