5 Valuable Tips To Prevent Dog Shedding

Many dog breeds have to encounter with shedding problems persistently. Dog owners must keep track on the overall frequency of shedding to assess whether the problem is abnormal or not. Various factors cause excess shedding and they include improper nutritional intake, liver disease, self-induced trauma, kidney problems, thyroid issues, pregnancy, contact with overtly caustic substances, presence of parasites, sunburn and food allergies.

How to control and reduce shedding?
1) Brush regularly 
Regular brushing is an effective De Shed Treatment but you need to use a soft and comfortable dog brush. It reduces shedding to a great extent and you can also keep your furry friend’s coat clean and soft with regular brushing.

2) Monitor your dog’s diet 
Special diets for dogs are available that control shedding effectively. The key is to keep tabs on the nutritional intake of your dog and the type of meals that the dog is consuming daily. Digestible food sources are an effective option to prevent shedding and you can even think of providing fatty supplements for a healthier coat. It should be done on the basis of under the supervision of a veterinarian. 
3) Use products that control parasites such as fleas and lice 
You have to watch out for allergies and other discomforts due to fleas and other types of parasites. An experienced dog groomer can offer valuable advice on choosing best flea control products.

4) Perform periodic bathing 
It is another good strategy to control dog shedding. You must make efforts to bathe your dog periodically. If you can do it once or twice a week, it will be much better. You can find highly beneficial dog bathing products in the market and pet care shops. Improved hygiene makes your dog less vulnerable to shedding.

5) Take your dog to a veterinarian frequently 
You must take your dog to a veterinarian frequently to get it checked up. Excess shedding can occur due many types of ailments and a veterinarian is the best person to diagnose these types of health issues. Identifying the problems at an early stage makes the treatment really effective. If you have a habit of taking your pet to a reputed pet grooming salon frequently, you can detect the health issues that cause shedding easily.

When it comes to controlling and eliminating dog shedding, you have to be really vigilant and careful. Your efforts and initiatives play an important role in keeping your companion healthy and cheerful.