It is said, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”. For the student to be ready, s/he must always remember, “God gave you two ears and one mouth, use them proportionately”. My teacher has been mostly elusive during these past hours of boot-camp. Going through the learning map, I realize that there are a wide variety of interrelated tools which I have to get skilled in to an unimaginable level of mastery. This seems the logical path to becoming a world class developer. These skills, although complementary, I am finding that I have to grasp them in stages. For instance, it would feel unnatural to begin studying SASS skills while I am a novice on GitHub or Pivotal Tracker.

During the first day of boot-camp, I have been alert while I am asleep, my mind always scanning for skills I haven’t yet learned. I have to push myself to grasp new concepts faster, especially coming in as a novice on most of these skills, because deliveries have deadlines.

Learning Map

I have to be on the lookout for information, clarification and feedback on the developer social channels like gitter or slack to make sure I don’t miss out on important information, while also learning. This requires me to have persistent internet and electricity which at times isn’t readily available.

I have to observe team-mates and mentors on all platforms to learn from them and adopt their skills and behaviors which I admire.

One skill that I have decided to teach myself due to the boot-camp experience so far is to relax while groping through new developer jargon. Though it tenses the brain to see foreign words, I have had to convince myself that if other developers understand the lingo, why not me. This is a test of fortitude.


On the flip side, I have to remember to recheck my progress to see whether or not I am learning and growing, receding or getting stuck. So far, I have improved on my asking endeavors, especially from teammates. Moreover, I have applied most of the feedback given-especially with respect to GitHub usage.

I realize that developers are willing to ask and they welcome questions. I guess it helps them grow as they revisit previously learned information, as they identify their weak points as well as their strengths..

Patience is a virtue when it comes to acquiring new skills and persistence is her twin brother. I learn that I need patience for step-wise, incremental learning of the developer tools. I need persistence to ensure a skill is fully grasped, and avoid getting distracted by the want of learning the next skill in line.

Resources are everything when it comes to collaboration. Some like GitHub and Pivotal Tracker have been built with the developer in mind. This lures me to start getting skills in both first before I begin learning Flask or MVC in depth. This way of learning follows the creed, “If you want to go far, walk alone; if you want to go farther, walk with others.”

Teachers that I am ready for

1. Incremental app development skills with GitHub. It will help me create versions of my app challenge, document it and easily collaborate with other developers.

a. Creating repositories and branches for version control

b. Becoming proficient with determining what valid commits should look like for me and for collaborators.

c. Understand git commands to a level that they can teach a novice successfully.

2. Builds user interfaces that are elegant, responsive, cascading and useful.

a. Bootstrap and JS libraries like JQuery and Vanilla JS.

b. Building HTML forms that can successfully POST data that is understandable by the receiving program.

c. Utilizes JavaScript for form validations on the client side.

3. Use case design using Pivotal Tracker.

a. Understanding user perspectives of an App and creating valuable stories.

b. Understanding how to prioritize stories

c. Use the stories to complete project.

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