It has been exactly one year since the publication of the MMM Algorithm. Vyacheslav Mavrodi, the brother of Sergey Mavrodi (the creator of the MMM global mutual aid fund), decided to make mathematical tables available to the public, based on which MMM ticket prices were calculated in the distant 1990s. Then it was a real breakthrough. Russia, being robbed by oligarchic structures, got a chance for a happy future. It is not surprising that MMM met with armed resistance from the government. But Sergey Mavrodi did not give up …

Years later, as many as 25 years, the MMM system…

Privilege for new participants introduced. A participant is immediately returned a part of his deposit. Funds return called “First Refund” to the participant will be sent to the wallet balance immediately after confirmation of his transaction.

1. The privilege is valid only for new members participating for the first time in the System.
2. After confirming the deposit transaction, 60% of the participant’s deposit amount immediately sent back to his wallet.
3. The refunded amount will not need to be transferred anywhere later, it is completely at the disposal of the participant.
4. …

New interface

A new version of MUSystem was created with several great innovations and optimizations. The personal office has also been improved.

MUSystem has evolved over half a year, working on the algorithm of the Great Genius Sergey Mavrodi. Participants deposited savings and received them instantly at the first demand. However, many are frightened by the unknown, some complexity and all those events that took place in the past official MMM (not to mention the different fake scam projects disguised as the “official MMM”). As a result, the development of the System slowed down and the participants’ savings ceased to increase.


The easiest and fastest way!
👉Go to Luno iOS/Android app (, signup for an account.
👉Setup a funding source such as your bank account. (Don’t worry Luno is highly secure)
👉Purchase Ethereum (ETH) by exchanging your local currency for Ethereum.

Only 5 minutes, and the exchange is ready!

This video shows how to use the Luno app to buy Ethereum. Suitable for Nigerians and participants from other countries.
The video is available in the Frequently Asked Questions section ( item 5).

A revolution in the World of mutual aid! Perhaps the only system of voluntary donations with open source that works in the blockchain and is based on the famous MMM-97 algorithm! Almost 4 months of strong growth! Instant payouts! Mutual Uniting System is gaining momentum!

Open your eyes! All copies of the official MMM site with Sergey Mavrodi’s portrait are fakes and scams. The reason for such a bold statement lies on the surface. Alas, but there is no longer any “official” MMM system. There are pitiful and worthless attempts by former MMM leaders to use the glory of the…

For each new participant (referral) brought to MUSystem, you will receive a bonus equal to 10% of each his donation, if it is more than 0.1ETH. Bonuses will be transferred to your account stored in the system.

But there is a limitation. You will receive a bonus only if the participant you brought did not touch his donation within two weeks or until the package in which the donation was made has ended — depends on what comes last.

There are no restrictions on the bonus amounts. Invite one million new participants and earn as many bonuses as you can!

MUSystem website

Buy / sell cryptocurrency Ethereum can be on numerous exchanges and p2p-sites or directly through recommended Metamask or Trust Wallet. Just go to MUSystem Office, install/open the recommended Ethereum wallet and purchase ETH on exchanges platforms, which will provide a high level of security and immunity.

The easiest and fastest way!
👉Go to Luno iOS/Android app (, signup for an account.
👉Setup a funding source such as your bank account. (Don’t worry Luno is highly secure)
👉Purchase Ethereum (ETH) by exchanging your local currency for Ethereum.

In addition, some of the best sites to purchase ETH (to exchange your country’s…

MUSystem website

MUSystem is an international donation system that never fails! You can participate from any country. Registration is not required. To participate is enough to have an Ethereum and its wallet. Your Ethereum wallet address is your login in MUSystem.

Accordingly, there are no restrictions on the local currency of your country. There are many ways to exchange your country’s currency for cryptocurrency Ethereum to participate in the system.

All the necessary local currencies have already been added. The system works in the Ethereum blockchain to ensure full transparency and openness. …

This question is asked by many new participants, as well as those who are still thinking on how to join.

🔴We can say with confidence — YES! Participation in the system is absolutely safe and secure, let’s take a closer look.

1️⃣At first. Safety of your donations. The core of MUSystem is a smart contract deployed in Ethereum blockchain. No one, even the creator of the system or any Ethereum users or developers, has the ability to influence its functioning. Unlike regular programs or program code (for example, your favorite video player or, say, web page etc…), where you can…

The system has it own token called MUS.
And the price of MUS changes at the end of each package.
But to buy this token you need Ethereum.
And the profit you make depends on the number of your waiting for packages to end.

Let use this example: Participant P. bought 10 MUS with 0.5 Ethereum. Which means that each MUS cost 0.05ETH under the current package. If P. decide to sell the tokens in the next package I will get 0.6 ETH. And if P. wait up to 10 packages closing, I will get more than 6 ETH. And…

Mutual Uniting System

MUSystem is a system of voluntary donations that uses the MMM pyramid mathematical algorithm developed by Sergey and Vyacheslav Mavrodi.

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