Important update

A new version of MUSystem was created with several great innovations and optimizations. The personal office has also been improved.

MUSystem has evolved over half a year, working on the algorithm of the Great Genius Sergey Mavrodi. Participants deposited savings and received them instantly at the first demand. However, many are frightened by the unknown, some complexity and all those events that took place in the past official MMM (not to mention the different fake scam projects disguised as the “official MMM”). As a result, the development of the System slowed down and the participants’ savings ceased to increase.

Fortunately, a hint was found in the published mathematical algorithm (in V. Mavrodi’s appeal) on how to increase the level of participants’ confidence in the System and make its development much faster.

This hint was comprehended and was added to the core of the new smart contract. So what is this miracle?

Privilege for new participants introduced. A participant is immediately returned a part of his deposit. Funds return called “First Refund” to the participant will be sent to the wallet balance immediately after confirmation of the transaction.

Why was a new version created, wasn’t it possible to add innovations to the old one? Alas. A feature of smart contracts is the inability to make changes after the smart contract has been launched (deployed). Thus, it was necessary to create a new version with all software-implemented add-ons.

Another pleasant surprise for the participants will be partial (or full — it depends on the network load) compensation of the fee for the deposit transaction.

In addition, changes are made to the conditions of the referral program.

All this will contribute to the steady growth of participants’ savings. The forces spent on working on the new System were spent as a sign of the good memory of the great Sergey Mavrodi, who gave this world the tools (and instructions to them!), Freeing us from the shackles of the current unfair financial System. Together, we will be able to share our savings and our common fund, helping each other at the right time.

Together we can do a lot! Viva MMM, Viva Mutual Uniting System!

Mutual Uniting System

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MUSystem is a system of voluntary donations that uses the MMM pyramid mathematical algorithm developed by Sergey and Vyacheslav Mavrodi.

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