Noma: My Perfect Storm (2015)

Directed by Pierre Deschamps

It’s a poem, the food tells its story by flavour, texture, colour, smell and so many other small details. Everything surrounding food becomes letters, and he does it so well combining, decoding. It’s beauty. It’s nature. And he pulls us back into the core of what we want to see and feel by eating. To pursue the passion and to maintain the quality, the presentation and the further virtue of trying to see more of what could be, he is overflowing with ambition and curiosity for life itself and I think all of that is presented in his restaurant.

The film is beautifully shot and edited. It is comprised of two section, before 2013 and after. Interviews to friends and his teammates slowly emerges Rene’s outline and we start to form an idea of who this sensation kind of person could be. Then his voices narrates the story, his up brings, what he wants from Noma. Yes, the food is innovative, something his previous did not have and done, but being honest, it may not be something entirely new. He undiscovered what lay at his feet, he goes as he says “deeper into the ingredients” where he finds a new use, a new side of what we take for granted. He is not inventing a new plant or new species. He takes what he has and turn them into what we think is a poem, he tells a story. He is an artist of sort, and a good one too.

It’s not the latest trends of trying local production/consumption cycle. This restaurant, is a sort of philosophy for him and that’s what makes it so special I think because it’s not ideology, he creates into reality, it’s a virtual confined within reality.

He is genuinely, in love with food, eating, to have something in our body which ends up creating us and forming a part of us both physically and mentally, the memory of that beautiful piece etched into ourselves. To achieve that, he continues on working. To serve the best to everyone who comes. To those who appreciate the beauty and the very existence of food itself.

I wonder though, where is the line between the chefs who creates success and innovation and a new experience to those who don’t. Because I know the at the very best, they are all very talented, skilled and professional. So where is the line between a good chef and an exceptional one? I am wondering, always, to determine that line of charisma and success to the rest who seem to have everything but just not quite there.