Second Week Of The App Launch

My last story was written at the end of the first week of launch. Now it’s second week, I decided to write a new one because it would be too cluttered with all graphs and numbers. First story is here.

First week we used Instagram ads and it provided a good amount of cost per user. However, the earnings come from one user didn’t afford its cost. So we decided to stop ads.

Maybe too soon, yeah. But the thing is here we actually don’t have a very good marketing strategy that we can rely and put our money on. From some seminars and one-to-one talking I had the idea that if Day 1 retention is higher than 40%, then the game is good to go. Ours is 55% but it doesn’t cover its cost.

So, we started to seek mentors, incubators that are generally focused on mobile games. The most appealing one was 2tons. I was in a Slack group that have several members of 2tons, so I texted them and then applied. Let’s see what happens next.

Finally, let the numbers speak again.

Total install number is 6.4K as of 20 Aug.

By the way, 1/3 of users has come organically, not through ads.

Retention chart:

It’s pretty promising actually.

Since we stopped ad campaigns, installs decreased and of course daily unique users.

Peak is at 2.3k, last number is 1.3k

About ranks. We are 41st in puzzle games, 28th in board games and 367th in all games. Yeah, installs do have effect even if retention seems good.