Teen Club Founder Says Everyone Should Code

What does the average 13-year-old do with her free time? Most teenagers are hanging out with friends, talking on their smart phones or playing games on their computer. But Muvafika Khanam Mohammed Noortheen is different. She enjoys spending her time making the use of technology easier for all and teaching code with fun game.

What is called coding? So exactly what is that? “Coding, in the simplest terms to commanding, is just you tell a computer to do what you want. It’s just like telling to our mother make our favorite food. You’re telling a computer to do something and just like we write in English in our daily life a ‘to do list’ or directions, you write a language for computers.” But Muvafika Mohammed loves to code and she likes the details of how to teach computers to make life easier for people specially younger generation compete with new tech world.

“It’s been a great pleasure to be part of CodeNow Alumini. I have attended workshops at Visa HQ last summer. I was eager to expand the talent channel for students like me who want to pursue their field in Computer Science and technology. So, I started Warriors Coder Club in Walter Junior High school, for the first time at Fremont Unified School District in Junior High school level.”

“I came to Walters junior in seventh grade and I went code workshop at CodeNow is my first computer programming. What inspired me to start the club? My school, Walters junior high has various clubs and for the first time I’m proud to start warriors Coder Club. I had really hard time to get our club approval ASB and only our club was approved for 2016- 2017 school year FUSD, my junior high school doesn’t have any programming club. So, I want to start a club at Walters junior, which will blend the concepts of coding. I want to expand my knowledge of coding to students like me who wants to pursue their career as a programmer. Also, after CodeNow workshops, I attended STEM program at UC, Berkeley during my summer break. It was fun; I get to know lot about various programming. My sister is also CodeNow Alumini. Both are started code club in school as well as everyone code now non-profit organizations for public and I want to give the opportunity from Elementary students to Jr. High students. So, they can learn the basic from an early stage.”

Muvafika Mohammed is one the co-founder of Everyone Code Now! The non-profit works to make powerful the next age group of youth to become engineers, scientists and entrepreneurs. Everyone Code Now (www.everyonecodenow.org) operates in all over in world and especially for younger generation.

“The non-profit works with students, currently in working with Fremont Main Library, to bring introductory computer science lessons and exposure to technology to students. The library workshop is sponsored by Google CS-First Code Club and giving online coding portal as well as printed materials with Google course completion certificate”

“So if you are in elementary school to junior high, you are learning about how computer science is used on websites and games and lots of other things that we use daily life but don’t really think of as coding.”

From last summer to this beginning of the year, Muvafika Mohammed was attended leadership program at Stanford University and Alameda County leadership academy and so gathered and learned lot of quality of leadership.

Muvafika says she finds teaching others to code satisfying. She says she will continue to encourage other girls to give coding a try and see the power coding gives you right at their fingertips. Now days she is contacting workshop and her school coder club as usual activities and Fremont Main Library for other school kids.

Muvafika is a junior high school Eighth Grader and currently serves as president of Warriors Coder Club at her school and co-founder of everyonecodenow.org. She looks forward to continuing her work — teaching code for kids at Library and my school as well. She and her classmates need to success current technology world.

Club Teacher sponsor:

Ms. Anita Yepez, Counselor- 8th Grade Walter Jr.High Fremont

Email: warriorscodeclub@gmail.com www.everyonecodenow.org