The thing about names and time…

The Sands of Time — by Aled Lewis

My name is Muwuso, it means to reign, although I believe my mother preferred it read as — shepherd. In the sense that it did also translate to the meaning of governance, and the quaint servitude of shepherdhood, I assume, was a better way of looking at it all as opposed to visions of tyrannical grandeur in what to ‘reign and rule’ would have implied in setting the precedence for a gory scene of African dictatorship riddled with mass burials and ululating nightscapes. I am although weary that such a thing could not be deferred by psychology or environment alone, but our paramount king at the time had thought it would suit me perfectly as a name and as a testament to his appointment. However, this could well be a story for another time.

How one ends up in the middle of such a tale, I can’t begin to tell, but I can say that once you’re conscious enough to figure out where you are and what you’re in the middle of, time can stop and the plot sometimes fails to stick together. The conclusion often bears a different setting to a scenery that would appear to have been set for breakfasts laden with golden croutons and running yolks. In which case, I’ve learnt to carry with me a huge briefcase of relief absolved through humour to wade off the curve balls and surprises life tends to dish.

So going on with time and it’s inadequacy through the sights of our constant mortality and what I’d prefer to be doing with it; I’d love to be found, hands and knees deep in trouble, designing. This you may know of me by now and it’s probably something you hear about every other day, but I do love to solve problems. They worry me to the pit but they haven’t learnt to scare me yet. Not that I go out hunting for them, I’m usually really relieved if I come across none. The world is a tough enough place without them, but there is no necessity for ill executed thoughts or work.

This doesn’t mean we should poke holes at everything we come across either, it’s good to laugh and it’s great to see the nonchalance in an early summer’s rain but there are things that slowly pile up and before you know it, life as it were, is a terribly dark place shrouded by shadows that have become taller than you and I.

Princess Bubblegum! by Cindy Suen

It’s never a good place to be in and I can’t remember how many times I’ve hidden behind the nondescript proclivity of not getting on top of what I had to do, and where the resulting force wasn’t a domino effect of misfortunes with the resounding echo of Count Olaf bellowing out a baritone of verbal abuse. In any case if you are totally up for the good challenge of helping people get on top of the situations that make their own time an unpleasant place to be in, then design, I must subversively acknowledge, helps me get on top of the things that crawl and creep through my corridors for that fraction of a second. Though I feel it might sometimes be a little more complex for the wandering mind that constantly whirls and has no permanent home to call a shell.

But that’s when it’s a mess. When it isn’t, design, can solve the simplest and most complex problems and render them to the light. The birds start to chirp and the rain makes all a-new. With the right questions, answers fall to their knees and the awkward disenfranchised sympathy of life is absolved by compassion. I believe intelligence without emotional consideration cannot understand the beginnings of adversity. Without it, all we have is; time in numbers instead of in moments, colours in codes as opposed to ethereal visions of the future and the past and sound in decibels rather than as music. This you can tell makes me frightfully terrified of complacency, the end is usually always the beginning and if you spend all the time swimming in your success it doesn’t take too long for the water to get muddy. Showers are fun and better, though I guess that debate is for another time too.

Thanks for taking the time to peek in.

Hope you have a lovely day.

Warm regards


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