I applaud your courage. you had to be extremely brave to choose this target, as deserving as it is omnipotent and dangerous.

thanks to your efforts we will soon be living in the world of Absolute Truth. people who come up with questionable ideas will be quickly euthanised to give way to people who think correctly. if an idea challenges existing concepts or makes anyone uncomfortable, that calls for the swiftest of actions.

the truth will be decided by the Truth Committee of which you surely deserve to be a leading member.

any ambiguity will be interpreted in the only just way — to make it easier to convict the evil-doer. the so-called “intent” will finally be irrelevant. any misstep will rightly be punished in the most severe way to make it clear to the others that only the Prescribed Truth is allowable and only the Right People can judge reality. all lines of enquiry that can potentially lead to questionable ideas will deservingly be banned.

the so called “character” of a person, or his/her previous actions and behaviours will not be taken into consideration as it is clear that the evil-doer was planning his crime for a long time, mimicking Normal People, only to make the blow more damaging and hurtful in the end.

difference in temperament and intelligence will finally be eradicated. there will be a short transitional period when people will be allowed to think wrong things, but not to say them. sexual selection will do the rest, finally cleaning the human gene pool from people who think bad.

it will become inconceivable that in previous barbaric times people could change their mind, apologise or correct their words. these primitive tricks will be shown for what they really are — tricks to avoid the ultimate punishment.

sciences will flourish. the Scientific Arm of the Truth Committee will cast votes on any scientific hypothesis and punish accordingly. no longer resources of humanity will be spent on harmful things, as everyone knows what is harmful and incorrect well in advance.

please don’t falter in your crusade for Goodness. ignore the subversives, there’s nothing you can learn from their spiteful comments.

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