How to make 100k a year as an Animator

This Article is not to judge one career field from another. But let me start off by saying that animators are not making as much money now, as they will be in the next few years to come. According to, the average salary for an Animator is about $47,981 (in the U.S). If you are coming right out of college, then the starting rate is about 30K. What if I had told you that by 2020 an Animator could be making close to 100k, or even more? Does that sound too far-fetched?

A recent report by Digi-capital, reports that Augmented Reality is forecast to become a $120 billion dollar economy. An Animator with the “right mindset” could be missing out if not well prepared. There is a lot of preparation involved in the development of Augmented Reality applications, most requiring a good knowledge foundation of “frame” by “frame” prototyping & a good understanding of Unity. Some may argue that a graphic designer is sufficient. Nevertheless, I would have to disagree with that notion. You are not designing for a webpage, or for a mobile application. This is a completely new ballgame with new opportunities yet to be unearthed. If you are someone interested in becoming an Animator, and want to see the income potential as talked about in this blog posting, then you may want to check out this Course to be better prepared. It’s better to be prepared now so — that you can be well employed into the next decade or two to come. Good Luck