How to create the next “Pokémon” AR App?

So, you are walking down the street, and it hits you -“what if I can make that into an AR App.” While the idea that you have in your head make look cool, how exactly are you going to prototype such a concept on paper? Before you go online to hire a “designer and developer,” you may want to consider developing a UX storyboard to illustrate your idea with both parties better. I highly stress that you take the time to get your concept right the first time before you end up spending 100’s or 1,000’s of dollars on development costs. We all know that if we fail to communicate with others, then we are bound to fail in general. Therefore, to create a great storyboard, the next question you have to ask yourself is — what are the obstacles and solutions in sight:

The Hidden hurdle that awaits

While it still may be possible to create the easy concepts of an AR app such as the look of elements, buttons, or characters using traditional UI tools. What people fail to realize is that you cannot test an AR app concept on a wireframe mockup? Why — Because you are not testing your wireframe concept on a computer screen or mobile device. AR apps live in the “Real World,” not on a computer screen. Note that I am not talking about uploading an image onto “Unity” to test drive the concept. I am speaking about how the app is going to interact with its environment with people, nature, and other circumstances before full development. All modern app concepts start on a piece of paper and then move on to pre-development sketches on a computer screen. In essence, traditional tools will not do the trick. Designers, Developers & Small Business owners will have to think outside the box to overcome the hurdles of prototyping with old outdated tools.

The Solution is in Sight

So using traditional UI tools will not cut it. To be clear here, I am not saying that you cannot prove my theory incorrectly. What I am saying is that to create a prototype with all angles covered within an app, you do ideally have to think outside the box. The solution is simply to treat your prototype like a screenplay. You may be saying, why would I want to create my idea like a screenplay. Well, the only way I can sum this up for you can be found on this course. It is easier to show by example and for you to see the idea behind the concept, then to go into too much detail in this article. However, I will say that if you are looking to dominate the AR market in the near upcoming future, you will need to know how to prototype your AR app faster. It does not hurt to think outside the box if you or your company are looking to transition from the current Mobile market to the AR Market. Lastly, take into account that Hololens is working on bringing AR to a whole new frontier with “Mixed Reality”…Yes, that is right — “Mixed Reality”….So, how on earth are you going to prototype that…lol….


Exactly my point, sometimes the solution does not have to be so complicated. If you are serious about the next global phenomena, then you may want to look at this course that will show you how to start prototyping as quickly as today