Marriage is Hard Work, Why Do It?

I read somewhere that no one’s marriage is perfect and it takes hard work. I completely understand the hard work aspect, but I fail to understand why we do it in this day and age. From a religious stand point. . . I get it, however, for those that are not religious, why? It is 2016, the stigma of not being married has dissipated.

I was going through a list of Hollywood marriages and saw some had multiple long marriages, about 10–15 years. When I was younger, I always wondered how you end after so many years of partnership. I do not wonder anymore. We have our innate flaws and though we try to work on them, they will always surface, maybe to a lesser degree. After years of the same shit, you start losing patience, even if it is at a lesser degree. A perfect example is family. We can’t stand them because we’ve been dealing with their same shit for our lifetime, the good news is that you eventually can leave that situation and come back to the comfort of your home to your peace. With a marriage, you cannot do that, you’re constantly faced with your partner’s shortcomings and or annoyance.

I got married to have kids because my culture has not gotten away from the stigma of being unwed with kids. Kids make sense, they are a shitload of hard work, but they are your future investment. The hard work that you put in, should eventually pay out via legacy, via support during old age, etc. It may not always pay off, but there’s always a calculated chance. I beg to differ about a marriage. It is hard work with not enough return on your investment. Some will argue that there is more fulfillment to share your life with someone. I can see that, but you can get that from a lover versus a husband and you can have multiple lovers. Isn’t it more fulfilling to share your life with multiple people vs one?

I am old enough to know that a different marriage won’t be easier, it comes with different issues and different baggage, so that shit will eventually get old too. What I’m proposing is to get rid of this marriage concept and just have lovers for 10 years at a time. Keep your apartment, whilst building a home with your children. Have that be your roots, but allow you a place to go that is solely about you. I hate running around the house huffing and puffing looking for scissors because some asshole wasn’t considerate enough to return it back to it’s original location. My apartment, my rules, my order. . . life would be fulfilled at that point.

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