The Automated Mobile App Builder | Ecommerce

There was a time when we used to post for hiring a mobile app developer to get an app ready. It would take at least a month of effort and time to work on it. This was about 3 years back. The cost spent on it is immense and considered it would really boost our sales.

Unfortunately, people gave feedback that the app was not user friendly and pretty complex to use. This was a hectic job back then, but times have changed.

Gone are those days where running behind a developer was the primary task. Got introduced to a platform where you just need to enter the URL of your store and the app would be ready in just 24hrs. It’s unfair to keep the name of the automated app building platform a suspense for this long — Vajro | The Instant Mobile App Factory.

Having zero developing knowledge and building an app is some great achievement for Store owners like me. That is the exact thing Vajro provides. In addition to this, the app was made live on Play Store in just 24hrs.

Push notifications have become the new way to alert your viewers with the recent arrivals and abandoned carts, Vajro provided an option to send Unlimited Push Notifications to my target audience which in return increased my traffic multi-fold.

When I gave a quality feedback on the service I received compared to my situation 3 years back. They made a video on my venture, check it out here: