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UK consumers are one step closer to using products underpinned by blockchain technology after the financial watchdog said it was considering approving a “small but significant number of firms” using the process behind bitcoin, the cryptocurrency.

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@RichardMoorhead: Scoop: @TheFCA considers approving blockchain businesses http://ift.tt/2babf2O; via @FT

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@oscarjofre: Lead by good example

#FCA considers approving #blockchain businesses

on.ft.com/2bVFEaV #fintech @ft http://pic.twitter.com/Lqqs6CEXUm

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@oscarjofre: FCA considers approving #blockchain businesses — FTcom http://ift.tt/2baaBSS; http://pic.twitter.com/Fhs3XZZ4fJ

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@ftfinancenews: FCA reviews blockchain companies on.ft.com/2bdtPsq

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