Isolation is harmful So become Social Animal # how to win Friends & Influence people

I am always think we are all social animal , some are more and some are less but matter is how to become that person in which other interested.

It only possible when you show your interest in others but do you remember first conversation with your best friend i am sure you all have at-least one best friend in which you trust.????? so conversation are basically links , let,s imagine every conversation is tiny metal link and ever time you talk to a person a metal links are formed and every conversation after that moment the link become stronger and stronger, and a person which is stranger for us at the beginning become our best friend after a some period of time.And every day we meet lot,s of stranger the shop keeper,s , with receptionist, may be in new office we meet lots of new colleagues, or in amal fellowships we meet with bunch of new fellows , so conversation is fascinating thing or its a adventure at this point i want to share my story i am going to attend wedding ceremony in Islamabad so in bus a person which is well dressed and look like executive person have seat number 15 and my seat number is 16 , so we are quite and busy in our own cell phone till the our bus have a stop for 15 mint in Berra station so i start conversation with his and about him self what he do what is family background and i become genuinely interested in his business busy life and he also want to talk with me and i am surprise he is nephew of the one of the director of Noor Fatima fabrics and it,s also done MBA and work in Noor Fatima and then i asked about how they started their business when they start and telling about how his maternal grandfather build this business empire is co incident i also looking internship those day,s so i start conversion till the we reach at Islamabad terminal , so after 15 days he call me and offer a 8 week internship in Finance department in Noor Fatima Fabrics , so sometime conversion also open a new door.

Now recently i read this wonderful book “HOW TO WIN FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE” written by grate author “DALE CARNEGIE”

And what are the the main lesson which i learn this life changing book

Become genuinely interested in other people.

“you can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you”-DALE CARNEGIE. simple fact,s people love to talk about self and if you want to make friends let them explain themselves. I am surprise when i got this activity to ask about the other ask about my friends , my relative about their interest and about the future goals and you not believe that people love to talk about self and they love share own experience to us . And you all know about ever person have some hobby or a topic which they love to talk on this and they never stop talking about this special kind of activity . for example one of my friend is a big fan of USTTAD NUSSRAT FATEH ALI KHAN and once i hit that button about his singing he then probably 30 mint not stop he tell,s me why he listen NFAK music, what are the gazal which i should be listen and i see the rush of happiness no his face.

Make the other person feel important and do it sincerely,

and the second lesson which is give value to every person which helps to influence people to become interested in you .And you first thing to do is use their name ,knowing their name , is make other person important “person name is a sweetest sound they know ,,

and this is right In my session Sir Faizan Naeem Know my name because also done my interview and Sir Ibraheen Naeem probably not know my name so pint is that when Faizan use my name i feel some kind of association or affection so it,s important and this principle is very simple which can use in our real life.And show your sincerity to give them compliment them genuinely and real compliment which is unique and real .

and some of the other lesson which i learn is give a smile to other and listen people very carefully and give full attention towards her talk, encourage other to talk about themselves,always talk in term of other person,s interest so in this way people become interested in you . for i generally think these are simple and basic principle which i an going to apply my life and i am saying from my heart not being as saying for the sake of saying.