when i see to my parents , i am proud my self because not they are my parents because they teach me lots of values and giving life long lesson which are the key in my life and when i read A MIRROR TO THE BLIND i also found him parents are also very strong influence on him personality , he is a strong believer to take a action or start from the small and he believe in dignity of labour and i am glad to share my story about my first mobile which i purchase in 2013 in December butt before purchasing the mobile i demand money from my father , and my father say me sorry son to many expenses already held in this mouth why are you not work in my office we need a labour for assist the painter to refurnished our office , so i agree i work 6 days at my dad office and cleaning the walls with (rage mall) and earned 28,00 and receive some bonus and able to purchase a mobile, and at that time i learn a lesson about dignity of labour and self,efficient.

Now in this blog i like to share the story of my goals which i think i not achieve in the past is develop the habit of reading book which is key obstacle in my life toward achieving other milestone.

why this was i think necessary to us because 1.develop our minds 2.improve our focus and concentration 3. makes us smarter 4. to discover and create our-self which is the main purpose of our life to discover our self. and one thing its not essay to develop reading habit some are the main challenge are not regular, lose interest, my vocabulary is poor so i waste lots of time to see the meaning and then i start with this weak setting some task 1. fix a time and place at which i a least sit 20 to 25 mint and read and understand as many as pages i can. 2. reduce T.V and Internet 3. start with small reading and slowly increase.

one last thing which i what to share with you you what ever want to do you just start and take small step toward any goal you want to achieve.now i want to read one book in coming days for which i take this initiative is THINK AND GROW RICH by NAPOLEON HILL. you also comment on this book in comments. Thank you

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