Most important lesson I’ve learned from Amal academy

Amal academy is the Stanford University funded venture that helps Pakistani youth to develop skills fundamental to pursuing their dreams.

Amal Academy

While doing 3 months Career Prep Fellowship from Amal academy, I learned a variety of skills and lessons. When I talk about the most important lesson, it becomes very difficult for me to choose one. But by deep thinking I came to the most important lesson which is believes on yourself and just start. “Just start and let the work teach you” is the powerful words that really help everyone to take the first step toward the goal. Every king was the child and every large building was just a brick in the beginning and it takes time to both of them to reach to their position and the main concept here is start. You cannot reach to any position if you don’t start. I learn from Amal Academy that we should just start no matter how difficult are the conditions and when you start then ultimately you will reach to your goal and get rid of any worse condition. Now I am realize that it’s very important for me, because beside of your learning knowing about yourself or your field is very important.

This is really good for me to apply this rule in my daily life because before that I always hesitate to take any initial step but know I am always ready to just start and go closer to my goal after hardworking and Sbr e Jameel. I realize that taking the first step make you confident , improve your decision making and leadership skills.

I think to become a lifelong learner and successful, try to take first step one should adopt the factor of humility in his personality. To put light on the importance of humility in my life, I would like to share my personal experience.

Before joining Amal, I was like being more introvert and egoistic. I don’t like if anyone point out any fault in my work. Also, I didn’t listen to others well. Because of this, many of my friends were not like me very much.

But after joining Amal, the concept of humility came to me. When I meet Amal members, more specifically Ma’am Aalia, I have no words to explain her humbleness. Her way of tackling with all the challenges is very overwhelming.

I feel a drastic change in my way of perceiving things. I want to listen others calmly, and help them in their matters. I try to engage more in the activities through which I can be more like extrovert. I know being introvert is not so bad thing, but the world in which we live is more comfortable with the extrovert ones. Also, I adopt a way in which I have to own the problem to give respect to others. Because I believe that to gain respect, you must give it to others first. There is always something to be learned, and by showing humility, we are actually learning something from others and going towards the path of success.