How to Handle Family Issues at your Wedding with Class

Muzammil haneef
Jul 11 · 5 min read

Marriage is an ecstatic feeling for you and your partner given the fact that you have found a perfect match with whom you will spend your whole life. You have found someone who has a better understanding of you and is ready to cooperate with you for the entire life. When you are not in a relationship, you often wish for a person who could understand your feelings better. Whenever you feel depressed, you wish that it would have been surprising if you had a close partnership with someone to whom you could share everything.

A wedding brings all your ambitions to a single point. You express all your inner feelings at your wedding in front of your friends and relatives. You invite them to because you want to include them in your unforgettable days. Indeed, your family and friends will be more than happy to take part in your wedding celebrations. You need to have faith in them because they are the most sincere and loyal people.

Insecurities of your Relatives:

In their loyalty and honesty, your family members might give plenty of suggestions for you to follow. Some of them might express their views about the choice of your wedding dress, while others might be more interested in your wedding rings. Some of your relatives might also get emotional while talking about your marriage.

For example, if you are a girl and are going to get married soon, your mom might feel extremely emotional because she would no longer be able to see you daily. She would no longer be your confidant, and this sense of isolation might haunt her for many months. Similarly, a father may feel that his daughter is abandoning him. Your friends might also think that you would not be the same person after marriage.

Some of them probably won’t be cooperative towards your partner, and they may say negative things regarding your partner’s physical appearance or mentality. Some of the family members might also reprehend the wedding menu or the choice of wedding rings(eheringe günstig). To tackle all the family issues with grace, you will have to follow a unique strategy to convince your relatives.

I have discussed some points in this article about how to deal with family issues during your wedding. I hope that by following these injunctions, you will be able to manage your family relations in a better way.

Be Compassionate with your Relatives

Generally, relatives who are upset with you during the wedding do not necessarily hate you. The feelings of objection might be coming from jealousy, embarrassment, or lack of self-confidence. For example, your sister might feel jealous of you because you are getting married before her. Some of your friends might also be upset with you because of your inability to talk to them after marriage. These feelings are not of hate but of losing something precious. They might be angry because you are moving away from them. Just tell them that you understand their feelings and that you will always be there for them. Show your gentleness towards them by humbly interacting with them. Always be there if they need any assistance from you. Accompany them on individual journeys and show them that you still care.

Pay Heed to their Suggestions

You parents might not be on good terms with your spouse. They might have expected some extraordinary traits from your partner, but your partner is not having any of those traits. In this case, listen to your parents carefully. Talk to them in the presence of your spouse and ask them about their reservations regarding your partner. Tell them that you are happy with your spouse and you love him or her the way he/she is. Also talk to your spouse about the concerns of your parents. In this way, both your parents and spouse will feel that you care for them, and they both will try to be lenient towards you.

Give them some Time

Most of the problems arise when you try to solve all the issues hurriedly. Be patient and give your relatives some time. It takes time for two completely different families to merge and understand each other. Time has an immense quality of healing protracted wounds and hence, sorting out solutions with patience should be your priority.

Be Straightforward and Honest

If you feel that the arrival of certain relatives may spoil your wedding ceremony, don’t invite them at all. You need to distinguish between those who are sincere to you and those who hate you for no reason. You don’t need to invite a relative who is always looking to insult you in the presence of others.

Defend your Relationship

Some of your relatives might be saying below the belt things about your spouse. They might try to raise fingers on your spouse’s character. Just tell them that you will not tolerate any mudslinging and that you have decided to spend your whole life with your partner.


If you integrate the traits as mentioned above, in your behavior, your friends and family will start respecting you in a brilliant way that you never expect. If they still don’t respect you, then it means that they don’t deserve your company. You don’t need to satisfy those who will eventually fade away from your life.

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