Principle Of Progress:

Amal and Kaam kaam Kaam are one of the very important principles, if we will follow these principles then nobody can stop us from being successful. Our national hero Edhi sb followed these principles and just started his work with only one paissa. Edhi sb was very passionate, Committed, Motivated and beautiful human being. Here is my own story related to commitment, when I was in 3rd semester of my graduation, my friend’s father was suffering from some health problems and the source of income was interrupted. After that, there was very difficult to pay the fee for it. I decided at this time that I will pay his fee and I stated working for it, for that purpose I had started some home tuitions and had get some earnings from it and I talked with my friends about this, Then my friends had given some money for that purpose. After that I had accumulated the total money and paid my friend’s fee. After that I was very happy. This is the story I did not share with anyone before it.

Just Start Activity:

I was struggling to find the job related to my own field after completing my graduation. I have no experience but every HR department demand the experience from me. After that I stopped applying for the job in industries. Because I am fresh graduate and industries are demanding experience.Then I start to find the reference who find the job for me.Everyone said to me wait for one or two months I will manage a job for you but still I have no Job related to my field.Now I learn from the activity “just start” is that, believe yourself and do itself and I have decided after attend the sessions I will go personally to the HR managers of different industries to find the job.I have personally dropped my resume at Ittehad chemicals limited, Sufi group of industries, Raheem rice processing mills, Tahir Omer industries limited as well as I have applied on my Diploma base job (Post Diploma Training Program)in Karachi Institute of Power Engineering (Kinpoe).Now I believe on that just start and start your small beginning.After meeting with the HR Managers almost every HR Manager said that we will include your Resume as soon as there is a vacancy creates.I will visit more industries after upcoming sessions. (In Sha Allah)

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