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Transform.Ai 2018- the New Muse: Creation, Inspiration, Artificial Intelligence…. Can These Words Harmoniously Coexist?

To some the idea of a creative machine or robot is a far fetched concept. Others claim that AI will unleash new forms of creativity and unlock more of our potential. What is it?

The second edition of Transform AI was held in Paris last June. Co-founded by Accenture in 2017, Transform AI is the first conference for AI in its kind, and designed for C-level executives. The purpose of the conference is to help organizations to better understand the growing implications of AI in the business world, and to help them thrive with this new key player.

Leading AI experts and business leaders are invited to discuss the implications and potential of AI in their companies, and expose the changes to come.

Over 2 days of conference, multiple panels of experts spoke on the latest developments in AI and its impact on how we do business.

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One of the conversations was dedicated to explaining and understanding how AI can solve problems. Paul Daugherty of Accenture, in a conversation with Gregoire Ferrer (Faurecia), Yves Caseau (President of the ICT Group French Academy of Technologies), along with Martine Gouriet (EDF), discussed the new opportunities enabled by AI and how to implement an AI oriented strategy.

Where we come in is when it comes to how creative AI is transforming the music industry. On a panel entitled “The new muse: Creation, inspiration, artificial intelligence…Can these words harmoniously coexist?” André Mankoukian and Philippe Guillaud elaborated on the augmented composer, to demonstrate that AI can uncover new forms of creativity, and further the potential of musicians.

As video content creation is booming, so does the need for music. The augmented composer allows artists to multiply their work. It is an AI creative which helps musicians to compose more music. From only one composition, they can create much more; they can multiply a single arrangement into many variations, so different from one another that they become entirely new songs.

André Manoukian, being a composer himself, uses, and loves the augmented composer. It has opened many doors for him during his creative process.

Looks interesting? Might want to sign up for the next edition…

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