Music for Video Games: Working with Red Accent Studios

The video game market is growing, and with it the demand for music that suits the games we love to play. As the world of gamers attracts independents and professionals alike, video game makers look to improve every aspect of their games. Graphics of course, but also music. The makers want music that suits every single one of their players, and the players themselves look for music that suits their rhythm.

That is where Muzeek comes in. In early 2018, we met with Red Accent Studios based in San Francisco and Shanghai, who entrusted us with the musical identity of their new video game: Salary Man Escape.

This game is an edgy, satirical, VR physics puzzle game, where the player must use skill and tactic to help a disgruntled Salaryman escape his life. We worked closely with Greg Gobbi, who depicted a clear vision of what he imagined for his game. He was looking for a very specific genre: Japanese Funk; What a fun challenge!

When undertaking creative responsibility for a video, different factors need to be considered. The score should reflect the video game, but it should also consider the player. All of this while considering the genre, the mood, the beat, the spirit, and the story.

The creation process for music suited to video game is very different than for other types of video content. Games change and vary a lot from one scene to another and from the actions the gamer chooses to do at any given time. Therefore, the music needs to be able to adapt and change accordingly. Moreover, you need a lot of different songs/soundtracks, so that players are not listening to the same tune over and over again. The music must vary, while staying coherent with the game, and the theme.

We were able to achieve such a task!

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