Exploring the Life Purpose of my Network

I talked to 5 people in my network and got to know their Life Purpose. These people and their Life purposes are written below;

Haroon , Hamza ,Shahid,Asif, mubeen

First of all I asked them everyone what is purpose of every one in their life then all my professional friends elaborate very well I think that Life purpose is difficult to answer for some people to whom I have discussion with. Some of them find the purpose of their life while having conversation with me while some took time to answer this question. One of friend told me that his father had a purpose of providing basic needs to his family as we he was living a very hard life but his father died when he was a child so he decided to complete the life purpose of his father by being educated and meeting his family financial needs. One of my friends haroon said that his life purpose is to be near and close to his Creator ALLAH by avoiding evils and remaining kind to humanity. Another friend told me that his life purpose is to be a good person by being kind and supportive to each everyone and want to help all the needy people .

When I talked with them then I learned a lot of things from my friend. I learned how every person has a different purpose in life and how passionate they were to achieve it. They all are working hard and all the people work hard to achieve some thing that is not a big deal but the main purpose is that what kind of purpose behind this and how we tackle these condition to get our purpose and have bearded a lot of pain to be on this path. I also learned how clear they were about it from the very start and were spending each minute to learn and move towards their aim.but the ultimate goal is that internal satisfaction because when we have a purpose in life when you get it then you satisfy yourself, It’s not easy to attain your purpose but every step you took for completing it is a part of success in achieving your purpose of life.

Life purpose does not necessarily be attained in a specified time because what you think is different from the outcomes. But I were able to convinced them to never quit whatever the challenges and fears , you have to stick to my purpose and take your responsibility rather than thinking about the outcomes

My why is to join the oil and field sector and I am learning the ways to explore the industry and to make a mark in this sector because I am very interesting about this field . This is the vast field to get knowledge and explore the things.

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