Informational Interview:

I have called a person on phone for my Informational Interview who was one of my senior friends while he was studying at UET and he is also one of my best and cooperative seniors . His name is Hasseb ul rehman. He is doing a job at PIEAS (CHASMA) as a MECHANICALl Engineer and also did a job for short time at ENGRO. I would be pleased to attach his photo.

I ask him following questions and he gave me very detailed answers of all my questions.

Do you find your job exciting or boring?

How Professional life is different from a student life?

What problems a student face while applying for a job?

What type of interview did ENGRO take for Management Trainee?

Did a reference will work for getting a job at ENGRO?

What are the key points to pass an interview?

How is your life going at PIEAS?

In what position you are doing job at PIEASE?

Why you prefer PIEAS at ENGRO?

I have learned that I have many people in my network but I did not know before. When it comes for informational interview I have found that. It is very good way of information to do informational interview by using your network. I have learned about Job Interview of ENGRO which I will give next week.

Now I have to tell you about my experience. I have contacted two more people before I contact Hasseb. They respond very friendly. Actually I did not call them, I texted them and when I asked about informational interview, they said to drop the questions but I did not get answers from them. Then I called Hasseb. He responded me on call and we talked about half an hour and he gave me the detailed answers of all my questions.

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