Lessons from outdoor sessions

Firstly , I do not want to go for trip at 10 September and I booked my tickets on 7 sept. Because I thought that the last session will be after Eid but when sir Adnan told me that the last session is on 10 September then I canceled my tickets, then on 10 September we reached at Amal campus on 9 am.After that,there is our last session in Amal and the last session will be great and interesting. We gathered at “Phajja Siri Paye”, one of the famous restaurant near Badshahi Mosque, and had a delicious lunch with fellows and Amal team and also thanx for Ma’am Sarah for joining us at lunch. A tour guide joined us where we first visited Badshahi Mosque and enjoyed looking at it’s architecture where 60 thousand people can offer prayer here at one time inside of the Mosque.During this tour I missed my best buddy zulqarnan.He could not join us because he will going to home on the same day. After that we had visited Lahore Fort located in front of Badshahi Mosque. I enjoyed the company of my fellows as all were sharing their information of every point’s location, A day before trip, I was thinking that we will not enjoy much visiting a place; we have been visiting since childhood. But I was wrong, as we had an amazing time with the amazing fellows.

We then moved toward the Fort and for the first time entered the famous Sheesh Mahal by walking through the elephant stairs with the help of tour guide I have visited the Fort before but didn’t know the history of those huge stairs and the room where the Emperor spent his last days. We after having some pictures and listening to the stories moved towards our next destination and that was the “Delhi Gate”.

We have to chance to visit Delhi gate in the end where we visited Hamam’s place and Wazir Khan Mosque. Our tour guide shared his knowledge about the architecture and history of these ancient places which added into my knowledge. Although I had visited these places many times before but this time I ended up with a lot of information about these places.

Our tour guide is much experienced about of visiting places he told us much interesting things about all the places, and he also told me about some new things which I cannot see before. Our guide have great knowledge about each and every little things about the Badshahi Mosque, Hamam’s place, Wazir Khan Mosque. Tour guides have authority to visit those areas where a common man cannot visit it easily. So tour guide was very engaging and helpful in adding to our knowledge and not making us boring.

Badshahi Mosque
Shahi Fort