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Tokes Block Explorer

Block Explorer

I am quite pleased to announce the official release of our new block explorer, complete with several informational statistics to assist with tracking the progress of growth within the tokes ecosystem.

Metrics included in this release:

  1. Market price per $TKS tracker (daily).
  2. Wallets possessing a balance of tokes (daily). We are seeing a considerable increase in wallets over the past weeks, a good indicator of adoption.
  3. Quantity of transactions (daily). Again, a solid indicator of usage.
  4. Tokes in circulation. Will present the change in circulating supply over time.
  5. Network value per day represents both quantity of transactions based on the underlying value of those transactions…

A very simple, yet complex, staking algorithm

This post is a continuation of our latest announcement, in which various important dates were unveiled. Here we will explore the user requirements to establish a staked balance in the upcoming staking protocol, the reward structure, and will delve into the mechanics of the algorithm that is used to compute distributions.

First…a Minor Update

The Multichain Ventures team has agreed to a request by Probit to accommodate a one-day delay in our listing date to recognize a Korean national holiday. All exchanges will be delayed as a result to coordinate launch times.

New Listing Date: August 18…

Q3 2020 and Beyond

2020 has been a chaotic year, world wide. Multichain Ventures has not been immune to the disruptive environment that presently exists. However, opportunity presents itself in even the most dire of scenarios. While communications have been limited over the past six months, being unencumbered by public relations has created a wealth of time to form new partnerships, create business, and reach a stage of development in which we can compete on the world stage. Although these relationships took time to cultivate, they are now at a point of maturity that makes logical sense for Multichain to re-approach our activities in the crypto ecosystem. Coupled with our assessment of positive market sentiment, I am pleased to announce the official close of our IEO period, and transition into public market launch. …

We are living through times of unprecedented uncertainty. In our global health, the health of the planet, as well as in our economies. It is my belief that this period will ultimately result in immense benefit for bitcoin, the cryptocurrency ecosystem, and the human race. But there are numerous critical challenges and hardships that must be overcome and endured over the subsequent months before we can begin to emerge into the next era of optimism. Perhaps longer.

During these pressing times, tough decisions often need to be made. In the case of Multichain Ventures, one outstanding decision is whether or not to execute a full public launch amidst the heart of the uncertainty surrounding us. Facing that decision, my instinct guides me away from answering in the affirmative. I see little benefit to going live now, instead opting for a more conservative approach, analyzing information as it forms, and identifying a more opportune time to go to market. What this means for our stakeholders today is that we are going to delay several aspects of our roadmap. …

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As we usher in this new era of tokes under a re-issuance of the token, there are a number of key upcoming dates that are important for all existing and future holders to be aware of, provided below. For the most accurate, up-to-date information, please join our mailing list at

Balance Snapshots: Test Asset and Live Asset

This update comes with two critical dates, as we will be executing a snapshot and distribution with a test asset first, and then with the re-issued asset shortly thereafter. …

As we continue our brand migration from Tokes Platform to Multichain Ventures, we will be periodically rolling out UI updates to our existing software suite. In this latest update, the Tokes Platform mobile wallet is getting a refreshed design, and being renamed to MV Wallet in app stores.

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MV Wallet

The wallet will retain all of its original functionality, with support for both legacy tokes (TKS), as well as Waves, which is currently utilized as the transaction fee currency. However, with the reissuance of MV tokes (MVTKS) in the coming weeks, the legacy asset ID will be deprecated, and support added for the new asset ID. Anyone with a balance in their wallet will automatically see it updated with the new asset following the balance snapshot distribution in 2020. Additionally, those with a balance in a mobile or desktop wallet at the time of our snapshot will see their holdings increase by 25x (i.e. …

Q3 2019 Summary of Distribution Events

This communication will conclude the Transparency Report series, as we transition our branding over to Multichain Ventures and make modifications to the tokenomic model. Details of these changes have been discussed in prior blog posts, and more information will continue to become available at the Multichain Ventures blog —

A total of 37,600 tokes were distributed this period, all of which were allocated to our development and community management team members.

Specific transaction details are now viewable at the tokes custom block explorer:

Founders’ Balance: 3P4TDSpFFby1BM6vCN45ZS8HyDEJJK7HTQo

Balance (as of 10/2/2019): 2,311,397

Increase in circulation from Founder’s Share: 0…

Back in May, I released a statement related to the delisting announcement from Bittrex, and alluded to the fact that we were still very much moving forward at an impressive pace of development with our underlying software products, with full intention of bringing them to market. Today, I’m pleased to bring you an update toward that end, and provide some insight as to what the future looks like for Tokes Platform, and holders of tokes.

Before I get into the specifics of brand evolution, I want to emphasize the importance of withdrawing tokes from Bittrex in advance of the wallet removal on October 11, 2019. As part of our brand transition and new tokenomic modeling, we will be announcing a wallet balance snapshot date in the coming weeks, and balances held at Bittrex will be excluded from the distribution. Please take some time to download either the Waves desktop wallet, or the Tokes Mobile Wallet, available on both Android and iOS, and move your assets off-exchange. …

Q2 2019 Summary of Distribution Events

Treasury management saw few changes during this quarter. The increase in circulating supply was consistent with previous quarter’s distributions associated with payouts to internal team members working in our development and marketing channels. We continued our efforts with influencer marketing earlier in the quarter, but suppressed those efforts concurrent with notice of delisting from Bittrex. For more on our response to the delisting, please see this Medium post:

An area to watch in future periods will be the bonus distributions to existing tokes holders, and modifications to tokenomics alluded to in the aforementioned Medium post. There are substantial changes to structuring, utility, and distribution of tokes coming in the next few months, which should bring encouraging results to the project. …

On May 23rd, Bittrex announced the delisting of the TKS/BTC trading pair. This delisting is scheduled to go into effect today, June 7th. This came as much of a surprise to our team as it did to our community. While our human resources are limited, we take pride in the quality and quantity of output we produce, and our prospects for the future. Few projects in this emerging industry can boast the many achievements we have accomplished over the past 3 years. The fundamentals of the project are strong, and have never been fully reflected in the trading volume or price of the underlying token. While we have sincerely appreciated our relationship with Bittrex and their management team, the exchange listing in isolation provided little value to the token or our community. …

Michael Wagner, CFA

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