The Accident

As the lights came closer, she knew there was no escape. Emma saw that the collision would be impossible to avoid and she braced herself for the CONTACT between the two speeding vehicles.

Crash! Glass flew through the air, breaking into thousands of pieces. The impact shook the entire car and everything went black.

Fifteen minutes later, Emma woke up to the wailing sound of sirens and the blinding flash of lights. She was DISTRACTED from the lights when the sound of worried voices started COMING towards the wreckage on top of her. Suddenly, three men came into view, calling her name.

“I’m over here!” yelled Emma.

The men turned and started to run towards the broken car door. As they lifted it off Emma’s legs, a sharp pain sliced through her body and she tried to hold back tears. The men formed a SEMICIRCLE around her and INTRODUCED themselves quickly.

“Hello, my name is Officer Drew and this is Officer White and Doctor Smith. We are here to bring you to the hospital. We don’t have much time, so let’s get moving.”

“What happened to me?!”

“You were in a DISASTROUS accident. We need to get you to the emergency room as soon as possible” Officer White responded.

The NONSTOP pain caused Emma to be weak and UNABLE to move from her position.

“I can’t get up; I need help!” she cried.

Doctor White dashed towards the ambulance to get a stretcher. When he came back, the other two men lifted Emma up onto the flat bed with a SYMPATHETIC look on their faces. As she was being wheeled into the back of the ambulance, she saw the wreck and color drained from her face. It was a mess! Her car and the other person’s car were COMPLETELY DESTROYED.

“Wait, what happened to the other driver?”, Emma asked Officer Drew.

“They were nowhere to be found,” he replied.

Flashing Lights

The Hospital

Almost 12 hours have passed since the accident, but it feels like I have been in this hospital bed for a CENTURY. So far, I haven’t spoken a word to my parents. I want to call them, but the same aching pain in my leg causes me to not be able to move. On the table next to my bed, there is a glass of water, a telephone, a BIBLE, and a note with SCRIBBLES on it that are too hard to read. I reach over to get the phone and AUTOMATICALLY, a loud beeping sound echoes through the room. I glance over to my right to find an IMPORTANT looking monitor. In ADDITION to the beeping, NEON colored lines were starting to move across the monitor’s screen. In a flash, a nurse barged into the room.

“Is something wrong?” she asked.

“Yes! I turned on my side to get the phone and this annoying monitor started going off. I don’t know why!” I exclaimed.

She walked over to the side of the monitor and pressed a button, which suddenly stopped the beeping sound.

“Did you feel any type of pain when you moved?” she questioned.

“I felt like a knife was being stabbed into my leg. What happened to me?” I responded.

“We aren’t completely sure yet, but we think that your right leg has suffered serious damage. Also, you have many other fractures and/or broken bones in other parts of your lower body. Due to the impact, you might have a concussion. We will do our best to help you recover as soon as possible. If you need anything, my name is Katie.” the nurse told me.

Before I could say anything, a doctor opened the door and called for Katie to help him with something, leaving me with my own thoughts. Why did this have to happen to me? How long will I be here? When can I talk to my parents? Questions were racing through my mind.

A knock at the door interrupted my train of thought.

“Come in.” I yelled to my visit.

The door slowly opened and…..

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