Agile and Agile Transformation — Definition of Business and Enterprise Agile

Michal Vallo
Jul 21 · 9 min read
Pic. 6 — Aguarra's Agile Transformation Framework for Enterprise Agility

Agile Enterprise is an organization that shifted from vertical bureaucracy, command and control, siloed structure, prescriptive fixed targets and budgetary obsessed management model toward lightweight, focused on value delivery, flexible, trust based, collaborative, creative and experimental management model, which builds around environment where people are intrinsically motivated, empowered to decide and being accountable for their decisions.

Pic. 7 — Schneider's Model of Organizational Culture

Michal Vallo

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Founder in Aguarra ( Chair in Agilia Conference / Agile Management Congress - inspiring people with new ideas to grow their business further.

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