The term netiquette is used to express a short of unwritten rules of how to behave online, especially when interacting with others either on forums, emails, or comment sections. When not online, etiquette quietly shapes how we act in public whether is be in a movie theatre, at a concert, or even on the golf course to ensure we don’t disturb the peace and ruin someone else’s enjoyment around us.

Online is no different, however, depending where you find yourself online, you may need to abide by many different sets of rules of eitquette. The way you are expected to respond to work emails versus personal emails can be very different and the comment section of Youtube is very different than the comments on a website where someone may be seeking medical help. One website where you can see almost every different form of netiquette is reddit.com.


Reddit does have its own version of netiquette which they refer to as reddiquette. This set of rules is more used for reference for the users however each different subreddit ends up using its own modified version of the rules. The thing that I have always found most interesting on reddit is how, in a way, all users moderate the website by being able vote on submissions by other users. One of the most well known rules on reddit is that you should upvote relevant and interesting content, the upvote/downvote button is not meant to be used as an agree/disagree button, but this is one of the most neglected rules I have noticed.

Reddit also tries to remain a great place where people can come together and have a meaningful discussion about something that may not be well known but is important to them, and it is hard to find people near them that share the interest. For this reason, it is highly forwned upon to respond to another comment with just “I agree” or “lol” or anything else that may not add to the conversation although these are typically ok responses in other forms of digital media that we take part in.

It is very difficult to quickly summarize how netiquette shapes the many different communites on reddit, so I suggest spending sometime on different areas of the site to see for yourself. Subreddits like r/hockey and r/nfl are very friendly sports focused subs that I find very friendly compared to most other sports related forums. And r/The_Donald takes most reddiquette and throws it out the window in favor of not respecting others opinions and having meaning discussions about todays issues.