Techie Teen Chronicles | A Brief Introduction

By Marion Vanier

Who am I?

My name is Marion Vanier. I am a 16 year old boy who is currently a rising senior in high school. I’ve been a part of my school’s robotics team for 3 years. I currently referee soccer on the weekends, however playing soccer is my passion. I’m also on an unity development team at my school and plan on starting a mechatronics club too.

Why a blog?

I’ve been reading blogs about projects people have done and I’ve been wanting to make one myself for a while now, but I didn’t know what platform I should post on and what exactly to post. My friend Dylan Fernandes started a blog recently on medium, and helped give me a push to start one of my own.

Purpose of the blog

The purpose of this blog is to share how a teenager interacts with the constant change in technology and how it affects teens.

What and When I’ll post?

I plan on posting at least once a month. I plan on posting whatever project I am currently working on. I have a list of summer projects that I’ll keep secret for now. I’m also thinking about starting a “teen reacts to” series in which I’ll give my opinion on new technologies that recently came out. I’ll have more information on that soon.

What’s Next

I just want to say thank you for reading this far. I’m sorry this post may have been a bit boring, but it’s necessary to lay foundation for the next posts. My next post will be about 3d printing and after that I will dive into my summer project list. Thank you again.