The Past and Future of Product Management
Matt LeMay

Thanks for this, Matt. Most of what you outlined here resonates with my teams experience over the last 3–4 years. Particularly your points on agile evolution. We went through several months of very painful growth. We got to a point where everyone was bought into the concept. But anytime the process changed or it was tweaked, different folks did not have the context and where fixated on the process itself changing. Once we got comfortable with the fact that the process will change to meet the teams needs, folks were able clearly focus on why/how the process was changing. I feel that is when we truly mastered the art.

On the notion of being a Product Visionary, we didn’t run into that as much. Our team was born out of a marketing support division. Our main priority has always been to serve stakeholders and customers from a digital marketing perspective. I have feeling this is the case for a lot of organizations that were not created around a specific product.