Why Do You Read?

I read because it was a welcome escape from misery

Born in a non-family, my oldest brother was send to a childrenshome before I was even born, with one other brother the which I’ve seen maybe six times in my life and a sister with which I’ve luckily a good contact now, and me myself send with this sister to a couple of childrenshomes, the escape I found in Fingerling (in Dutch Pinkeltje, writer Dick Laan)was a most welcome escape. I wont bother you with the misery mentioned above. What I do want to mention is that reading sharpened my mind, learned me beside English a couple of other languages, cleared my way of thinking and gave me solace where otherwise there was no solace. This solace gave me the courage to go on, when I didn’t have courage enough to go on myself. Nowadays, 63 years young with a beautiful woman beside me and a daughter, thirteen years of age, I can say that I’m happy enough to carry on, to write little stories about magic for my daughter Fairouz (Little princess Amalut), to Latinize old German stories written in Fraktur script (Das Marchenhaus vom Kassel) and to translate other books from English, Scottisch-English and American-English into Dutch. All this because I’ve been plucked of the streets and send to childrenhomes where they learned me to read and write. So I think the most important export to poor countries is knowledge and that begins with reading and writing. Everything else is a bridge that can be crossed later on.

Reading means happiness when learned.