32 nonpartisan, non-ideological reasons the Electoral College must reject Trump — based only on…
Beau Boughamer

NR.27. It is not “Seig Heil” but “Sieg Heil”. Furthermore I think mister Boughamer is right on all given points and so, mister Whitehead, there is nothing “far left” on his comments. And nothing in this list is fake or imagened, so in my eyes there are more then sufficient reasons to elect somebody else as president of the USA. I’ve followed the election closely and what I’ve seen from “mr” Trump (mister is an equivalent of gentleman) makes me think he is everything but a gentleman. He is an alpha male and that’s the most positive thing I can say about him. For the USA I hope he won’t get the office, for the white racists and everybody who voted for him, I hope he will. Because you will discover that the only thing he wants to do is to enrich himself and his family. Yes, working his way up by trampling every American worker. You too.

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