Forms at the Front Line

How smart mobile forms equip frontline workers to participate in the digital workplace — transforming business data in new and meaningful ways that directly benefit the bottom line.

The modern workplace is no stranger to digital disruption and innovation. Every year, billions of dollars are spent on IT and software solutions for the backoffice — such as CRM, Billing, HR, etc. The marketplace for these solutions is ever evolving to better cater to digital’s demanding pace and unstoppable growth. These digital innovations deliver many benefits to the modern workplace –– improving communications, reducing costs, bolstering operational productivity, etc.

You’d think such advantages would be extended to every inch of the modern workplace… and yet those at the very front lines of businesses — from SMBs to the Global 2000 — are often left in the digital dust, still using analog solutions including vast amounts of paper forms and pens. Teams on the frontline responsible for data collection are continually subjected to binders, clipboards and manual form hand-ins. This gap between the analog front lines and the digital office comes at an expensive and generally unacknowledged cost for each business — resulting in unnecessary time and communicative tariffs. These intangible expenditures translate into financial consequences, leaving trillions of dollars of wasted data and time, in the chasm between your frontline and office.

Rappelling with antiquated binders and paper documents? Not ideal.

Digital At The Forefront, Out in the Trenches
The manner in which your frontline workers gather data is critical to building an effective modern workforce and efficient business operations. Handwritten paper documents are fraught with errors, and the collections process is time consuming and unreliable. Implementing a digital solution makes collecting field data more accurate and timely while streamlining administrative efficiencies and processing. Often, businesses overlook the importance of frontline workers, assuming manual rekeying and scanning paper forms to be a necessary chore for every workflow. This assumption couldn’t be further from the truth. Equipping frontline workers with the same digital priority applied to back office staff not only protects data, but also improves operational workflows by orders of magnitude.

One key element of a digital frontline is the harnessing of a solution that provides smart digital forms and documents, compatible with mobile devices and tablets. Smart digital forms do the leg work for you, automating common tasks, hosting powerful data, and simplifying data entry, while improving accuracy and completion rates. These smart mobile forms eliminate the need for vulnerable, paper-based field reporting — reducing opportunities for human error and expediting information delivery. Imagine… field work sans paper forms, binders, pens and staplers — a clutter free, error free front line existence. Sounds pretty great, right? Well, it gets even better.

Connect Your Data, Connect Your Team
Digital documents seamlessly connect field data to back office teams and systems, and provide instantaneous information to the people and platforms that matter most. Rather than wait for manual document delivery and processing, mobile form data is immediately available for analysis and reporting — leading not only to business agility, but also improved communication between frontline and back office teams.

Mobile forms provide front line workers with the documents they need to complete their jobs, and back office staff with critical, timely digital data. This effortless current of data via mobile forms benefits every step and key-player of your workflow, not just your frontline staff…. one small change, countless benefits.

Smart mobile forms: an essential addition to your toolbox.

From Front Line to Bottom Line
So, we’ve learned that mobile forms at the frontline improve communication, efficiency and accuracy across the entirety of your operation — so how can this impact your bottom line? The benefits are plentiful:

Time Savings:
Less time spent rekeying potentially inaccurate data
No need for retrospective revisions or hunting down lost data
Instantaneous data expedites workflows
Using GoFormz, your digital forms look exactly like your paper forms, eliminating the need for retraining or form redesigns
Instantly searchable form records

Financial Savings:
Eliminates costly materials like paper, pens, binders, etc.
Eradicates the need for manual hand-ins (no data delivery)
Less time spent collecting, delivering and rekeying data means faster processing cycles and more work completed (and less time wasted!)
Improved operational visibility helps highlight areas of opportunity, key trends and workflow hindrances
More cost efficient record-keeping (digitally in the Cloud, instead of file cabinets)

Arm Your Team For (Digital) Success
Knowledge workers have been leveraging digital software and systems en masse for nearly two decades — yet frontline workers (who often vastly outnumber knowledge workers in a company) have not been able to ‘participate’ in the adoption of tech tools to improve their jobs and the company. Mobile forms solutions like GoFormz (a mobile app and web platform that rapidly digitizes your forms and processes, while preserving their exact look and structure) not only arm them with the tools they need, but also bridge the gap between the frontline and back office.