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> All that said, this piece actually ended up illuminating for me why some women, people of color, queer folks & trans folks sometimes take up the 4chan culture. Internal homophobia/racism/sexism/transphobia explains some of it but your in depth explanation of 4chan culture as a response to perceived powerlessness gave me sort of a eureka moment.

This is the most basic of basic analysis, but have you noticed how liberals can’t write any internet comments without including this list of 4 different kinds of people? The results being:

  • Every group _except_ “straight cis men” is defined as “virtuous”, meaning men have to work for it. (well known result of patriarchy theory)
  • Anonymous imageboard users cannot bring their identity with them, and so can’t be admitted to your in-group, leaving them in the out-group called “straight cis men”. In fact, they’re not performatively straight without real women, but are instead into 2D complex and boys wearing skirts. And they’re not performatively cis, as you can see from the anime girl avatars.
  • The obsession with sexuality is irrelevant to someone with no sexual or social contact, not to mention bourgeoisie, and shows your false consciousness by leaving out economic class. Although it actually reveals you all have a lot in common, since they do the same thing.

This is what makes you their ideological enemy. But I think we could get somewhere if we all stopped using adjectives, or maybe if social justice people had their posts edited by INTPs?